Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wordless Wednesday.. shhhhh


  1. What a lovely space!

    Thank you also for your reminders on your page header. I have a friend who has been sad this summer. A project, maybe?

    Here's my Wordless Wednesday!

    1. Firstly, thank you. I'm trying hard to do this, keep it lovely. I hope your friend does find a project she can throw herself into.

      Time for a little opening the heart "surgery" I think.

      Time, according to myself and my doctor - each of us uttering the word simultaneously when I went to visit her - is the x factor in the process of grieving. I hope your friend recovers and learns to live in the parallel universe that loss throws us all into at some time in our lives, sometimes, sadly, more than once!

      Projects: My project is knitting a sweater, the only thing that will help take my mind away to a less grief-riddled world. (A Happy Land?) The knitting works as well as the endless Netflix and Amazon Prime programming I've become addicted to. My husband has more faith that this has been God's Will.
      I just see a big black hole that I'm trying to fill with a proportionally minuscule Aran sweater knitting job, and mindless entertainment of the cerebrum, the part of the brain that MAY not really believe everything it hears or sees but wants to THINK about it all.

      In truth, living in the moment does soothe the soul. Mainly because it tells the cerebrum to shut the frack up!

      There's a cartoon for that! :o) If none of this makes sense, I've an excuse. I've had my meds you see.

  2. That looks like a happy place, but, oh my, somebody didn't watch his p's and q's when setting that type. ;)

  3. It's Gutenberg, it's his fault! I swear! heehee


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