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Friday, September 23, 2016

No Thursday 13 post. Life without the Internet + fixed and corrected from addle-brained cross eyed version.

Our House lost internet service for about 30 hours, and, sadly, I wasn't smart enough to do anything at all about it.  I had to sit on my hands and let computer men, MrZ and the help desk at Windows, took over.

I thought about doing a post of 13 flower headers I've used since Day 1 in 2004.  Pretty boring though.

What are thirteen things I did today, with no Internet.  We are tied to this thing, the Internet, in a more prosaic way than we think we are.

1. Today I read more of,  The Red Door, by A.A. Milne.  It's getting a lot more interesting and broad. This might actually be a good book!

2. Finished two crossword puzzles, grumbling  at the amount of slang that is finding it's way into them.

3. Thought about why my doctor hasn't called, Oh snap!  The phones were out.  But she was supposed to call my cell?  Maybe, like the many times before, she didn't get the memo.

4.Heard and saw the California Towhee calling and saw her in the tree.  So, I put a very tiny amount of food out for her.  She didn't come back.  It seems she may be saying goodbye. and thanks for all the seeds.

5. Ate  pretty much what I darn will pleased.  Next to nothing but all good.

6. Played free cell, almost all the only thing available on my iPad.  We have cellular data but anything that has a limit on it I just won't do.  I know I'll fret and have a cat about how much I've used for a couple of games.

8. Investigated a pile of fabric I don't remember purchasing, AND later remembering that it was gift from my  SIL.  It was plaid.  I almost NEVER buy plaid and couldn't remember any  adle-pated project I might have thought it was treasure for.
I will figure out what to make out of these things,  I always do, I will not waste such largess!

9.  I dug out the iPod Nano, which has become a brick, and strategized how to get it to work again, and also it must be able to take a charge despite being a 1st gen product.  There is a way if you have the will- a LOT OF WILL.  That's a job for tomorrow!  The internet was DOWN for awhile, remember?

10. Internet finally came up in the late afternoon.
So, we watched THREE Episodes of  NCIS, only to find that the last one was a PART 1?!!!

11. I took my night meds tonight- FINALLY, after a two day delay- and when I did that, found that I  hadn't taken any medicine since Monday.  Where is my brain?  I must be sadder than I realize.

So, anyway, by the time I took them Wednesday night, I  had been up for 72 Hours-straight.  This made me into a full-on hyper-zombie.

With no internet a person's routine gets blasted;  you feel LOST until you figure out that being quiet and enjoying sitting in a big comfy chair staring out at the birds in the trees is actually DOING something.  This is not a heinous crime, unless you try to strangle anyone who gets near you.  Then you have the excitement of sirens, and men in white coats.

Tuesday we got our Big Bertha flu shot.  Who needs sleep with all that armament?  I felt that I could have stay up all night making things.

12.  Brushed my teeth like an old lady who want's to keep them should. and now I'm off to bed!  The big, high, comfy bed that tempts me to stay there all day!
This is the one I want. I want it now...or...
I want to build the doggie ramp onto the end of the bed we have that looks like this one.  The night stands are nearly like ours. They could build us one of these.  Now for getting Mr. Z to ok this project!

13. Well, Youngins....I'm off to bed.  Gad!  Is that the time?
If the kids had still been home, we would have made kites and flown them at the beach, and had tea and cake in the RV and knit and talked and talked and talked.  As we watched the sun set into the Pacific at Sunset Beach, if not Carmel.  I miss traveling.  


  1. OMG - 30 hours without internet - I'd go nuts ;-)
    I'm with you on the chair/bird watching thing - you are absolutely right!
    Hope you get some good sleep.

  2. I did get sleep and two nights! Bliss, I tell you, Karen, and I feel a whole lot better. Lots less weepy and such. With all the misspellings and weird words (mostly now corrected) in yesterdays Thursday 13 post, one can see that sleep depro is no joke. lol

    It's sinking in, from the first, I put up a little sort of shrine for my daughter. Spices, flowers and sometimes little foods she liked, and candles. If billions in the world do this, how can it be wrong?

  3. I am glad you are feeling better. I find when the internet is down that I do much more and have a more varied existence. But I miss it terribly. I think we are all addicted to it.

  4. Hi Country Dew. Sleep is a solace in so many ways. And thank you.
    Yes, the internet keeps people connected. My sister has become a shut-in, and she loves that her hubby bought her a tablet. It has opened up her world.

  5. Hi Zippi Kit,
    I can relate to your feelings about losing internet. I've felt that way, too, even though for much of my life, I didn't even have a computer. Now I can't imagine not having one or not being able to instantly connect to someone/something. :)

  6. Mia Celeste, thanks for your visit, and I know what you mean about this amazing WWW. For instance, if I can't sleep which seems to happen more and more, I can still read blogs and comment and just feel like a part of this whole wide world of Beings, instead of just being stuck inside my own, muddy, old head all the time. Wishing you a lovely week.

  7. Awake 72 hours? Oh, dear! Glad you have your Internet back. That would drive me crazy for 30 hours.

  8. Hello Forgetfulone.

    I'm usually very anal about everything to do with my meds. I'm glad that my brain is back on tract, and I'm glad that the internet is back. It was the company's fault so that was good. No charges!


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