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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Thirteen: New things to know. Corrected. Duh!

Wow, I just can't post after a certain time at night.  This is Thursday Thirteen, not Thankful Thursday!
I am, frankly, struggling with Thankful Thursday!

Thirteen Things I know now that I didn't really know before:

1. I know that "keeping busy" doesn't do it, so I'll have to say that's a lie up there under the header.

2. An Urbane or rather a City dweller really can't feed the adorable little birds without attracting diminutive, adorable mammals - so I must stop feeding birds.

3. I now know that painkillers are a must in the life of geriatric old ladies like me.

4. I can't knit worth a sou anymore.  That won't stop me but I'm not going to share the mistakes and I'm just too old to be ripping back half a sleeve to correct a cable.  Mei.. Sue me!  Oooh Now, there's a homonym for the french coin mentioned above!

5. It's harder to get rid of things when you are older and have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.  I should have gotten rid of all my accoutrements of craft when they hadn't got their spiny sharp tentacles so far into my brain.

6. Though I thought it was just a funny saying when I was younger, and not really true, it really is "too soon Old, too late Smart."

7. I should have gotten that MFA when I could have, even if it was from some no name local College.

8. Tarot cards are not evil.  They can be sort of fun, and so can the Kabbalah. No offense intended.  Anyway, ever since I cut the Ace of Spades from a deck when I asked a question of the Universe, I've wanted to know more about reading cards.

9. Just being American doesn't automatically mean you will always get what you want.

10. Trains still travel to the East Coast but they do take a week or so.  I want to go somewhere on a train.  I haven't thought about it since I was a five year old.

11. "Crystal" can mean any glass clear and bubble-less on Ebay.

12. 'If only' will echo endlessly through a person's head with all the rest of the White Noise, unless the possessor of said Head keeps the eyes of it fixed on some video which is accompanied by loud music.

13. Teddy bears are cute but they are no substitute for a warm, fuzzy puppy.


  1. I don't think Tarot cards are evil, either. They are great for writing poetry, or for jumping-off points for stories, or just for thinking about a new way of looking at things. I use tarot.com on special days (first day of a season, my birthday) to do a reading, and always find something interesting in there.

  2. Oh Country Dew, I'm going to order a pack and the book then. I need to see how they work. So many people seem to have a gad opinion of using them. Thank you! I want to do all the things I've put off for so long. Now's the time!

    This song tract is so beautiful. I decided to listen to it this time. Messed up my spelling more though. lol


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