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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday tails: Rain!!!!!

Yippie!  Nature's blessing.  We may get a half a day, but it rained part of the night,too.  The torts usually pile into puddles in the desert.

Our torts have most likely run out of their hideholes and gone to the patio to sip.  They do this whenever we water outside.   I'm just so excited to see this rain.  Didn't even know it was coming!

Wolfie and Mr. Z got a little wet on the morning walk but otherwise this has been a day for the thirsty city plants and all the deserts to rejoice.


  1. Oh! I'm so envious. There was no rain in my neighborhood, but at least we got clouds which kept the temperatures lower.

    1. I'm sorry, Suzi. This is a bit of an anomaly.
      I looked at the weather report- yahoo, and the cloud radar didn't show that this came right off the ocean. I assumed it had come south rather than from the west; one should never assume, eh?

  2. I didn't realize tortoises like rain! Cool :-)

  3. Hey there, Karen. Oh yes, they love to pile into puddles in the deserts. It's quite a spectacle really. Only the smallest ones stay out of the pile ups. They can get enough water in tiny places, and they keep to themselves.


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