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Monday, November 28, 2016

Music Monday. Singing bowls and "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas".. Burl Ives.

It's Christmas time.. Yay!

Sitting at the computer, composing this, I'm reading the magnet: "Today I am in charge of how I feel and I am choosing..... Happiness."

Mr. Z. stuck that magnet on the side of my computer a few months ago when the going was really, REAAALLY rough.  This has been a terrible year, emotionally.  Firstly,  I joined the legions of mothers who have outlived a child, and my children have lost their eldest sister.   I am sending you parents and surviving sibs all a HUGE virtual hug......


And then a maniac, with no apparent people skills and WAY  TOO much money - see sidebar - was elected to the highest position in the Government.  Actually he is ONLY the "executive" but we lost sight of exactly what that somewhat impotent job entailed, and the controls set upon that potentially troubling presidency, a LONNGGGGG time ago.

Right now, I feel like a ragdoll who has been pulled through a wormhole and who is hoping that at some point she doesn't just lose it all and self destruct.  I guess that's one of the stages of grief.  If it isn't it should be.  Number 6. Sucked through the wormhole.

The singing bowl came and it's a piece of patak.  It's not well made and this is the second time that FATE has stiffed me re: Singing Bowls.  The first time was at Tucson Mineral and Fossil Show.  If anything is made, it will be there.  I walked into a big tent, and beheld the display of what can only be described as a huge hoard of brass singing bowls.  I picked up one to admire it, and suddenly beside me was a woman and man who had come from New York, no less, to buy every one that the seller had to sell.  She announced rather loudly that she was buying all of these items to the seller, who whipped out his invoice pad and boom!  Done deal.  I thought, well, I wasn't supposed to have that.

Fast forward a decade.  I saw the bowls on Amazon, well, several kinds actually but I wanted the total chakra balancing one.  I'm so DAMN screwed up I figured that this bowl was going to be what it took!

The bowl arrived.  It has what can only be described as a high pitched whine as it's top ( dominate) note, and it was a mess.  The rim, where you run the little batten around it to make it sing, had three areas of bad casting marks that the makers had tried to smooth away.  But two of them looked like DENTS and the one on the opposite side looked like an instance of incomplete casting.  I am a silversmith by trade, and this was appalling to me.  I wouldn't have sent this out this way!

So, it seemed that FATE was sending yet another message that this was NOT my PATH!

Mr. Z, however is undaunted.  We are going to go see some other bowls sold locally that you can actually lay hands and eyes on before forking over the "Readies".  Well, I'll post this and LEAVE it to FATE about whether or not I can actually have a singing bowl or not.  But I'm telling you, with TWO strikes against me, maybe KARMA is telling me something?

Tally Ho!

Or, maybe I'll just sit for this 70 minute meditation every once in awhile:

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