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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday13.... that little box I found...

I missed last week so, being busy, it seemed now or never!

The little box found while cleaning out
There are more things in there but it's ok, these are the best ones.

And,  if there's a pair, it counts as one.... that's how I'm counting things, even the beads.

Ok, describing from the upper left and all around the loop and back to the beads....One roadrunner got a little lost.

1. A pair of half finished pasta angels.  A friend taught me how to make them, but these two didn't get all the way made.

2. A silver road runner pin, the lost one.....
I bought this at a show in Quartzsite.  It's handcrafted, as are all the others, and has a tiny chip of turquoise for an eye.

3. Another bigger and more interesting road runner pin
This is another antique pin and bought at Tucson show.

4. A little dichroic bird I made to wire wrap but never finished.
I still can do this and there might be a time when my mojo comes back in order for that to happen.

5. A little beautiful abalone shell hummingbird pin.
There was a bead show in town that used to be at scottish rite temple, and that's where I found this beautiful native american made pin.

6. A hand blown blue dolphin bead.
This and the other bead on the necklace came from the same bead show as the hummingbird pin.

7. Earrings..
I made these out of garnet chips, fresh water pearls, and rose quartz beads bought in Quartzsite.

8. I made this earring that actually belongs to a pair.  The dolphin bead at #6 was going to go into the remake, as the first one lost it's tail while being mishandled.  It happens.

9. Half of a pair of Asymmetrical earrings that really rock!  They are too heavy for my ears now.

10. Two little Rhodochrosite carved fish beads that will be made into a pair of earrings when I get that round tuit that I need to get.  :o)

11. A Radke bead.  She has since become very famous, and I was really on the ground floor to get a few of her exquisite beads from a show in town at a different venue.  I gave most of these beads away to a friend of my daughters who works in beads and makes beautiful things.  I felt they needed a home where they were going to be used and not just stored.  All my beads, nearly, when to my daughter's friend.  It was a special request from Laura.

12. An earcuff that I made from some silver wire (now very tarnished) and iridescent beads.  A woman in the rockhounds learned from someone at a Thanksgiving Show we all attended, and then she taught us (the rest of the rockhound Gals) how to create them.  That was a show we, our rockhound club, had hosted in Barstow.

13.  These count as one item, as they are all made by a wonderful guy that made all sorts of beads using a technique known as lampwork.  They are made from a base of fluted copper tubing, with hot glass applied.  The glass rods are melted in the flame of a torch and thinly wound around and around until the glass fills the entire tubular surface.  These are beautiful and sort of look like opal glass.  I met him when I was helping at a senior center and he was demonstrating how to create them.  I was a mere kid at 50.  He was in his 70's.

Hope you enjoyed a small trip of nostalgia and all from a tiny round plastic box, found while cleaning out.   Happy T13!
Anyone wanting to join in can click the watermelon slice in the sidebar or go here for the Linky to see the other participant's offerings.  It's fun, and alway entertaining. 


  1. Like your little stories with your offerings. I have a few things in tiny little clay pots made in 1st and 2nd grade. They are important.

    1. Yo! PJ! Good to hear from you. :-)
      Really know what you mean...Our little treasures, those sweet things that mean the world to us.

  2. I used to make earrings and couple of those look like mine!

    1. Ah! A fellow jewelry maker! And yes, a lot of earrings looked alike, especially the things made on head pins. heehee. Then along came the wigjig!

  3. treasure pure treasure I adore this blog

    1. Oh my well, thank you so much!
      And, Goodness, that little round box looked like trashie stuff until I picked through it. All the silver was black! lol

  4. You do beautiful work! How lovely, and how helpful on a day of recovery from a huge boink on the head. You are a treasure yourself, Zippi.

  5. Why thank you, CountryDew. I treasure your kind words, friendship and help through trying times.
    And yes, after the first few month of this year, that election was just a mind numbing Boink! Maybe it's called shell shock or even Sturm und Drang! I can see no good coming from the Orange Menace dancing around the Oval office. or would that be Goose Stepping?

  6. Bet that box brought back a lot of memories... My T13

  7. Heather, did it ever. Mostly good. Sadly, so very over. ;o)


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