Living in the Present

~❤️~"The Heart Hath it's Own Memory"~❤️~
William Wadsworth Longfellow

The present is best.
It only lasts a fraction of time.
The past can be a weird load of both Terror and Trivia.
And, the future is amorphous.
I'll take the Present.

Monday, December 12, 2016

What I'm reading.....

Hey... I found the old Blogger posting window.  Yay Me!  😊  You just click on the Blogger symbol in the top left hand side of the composing window.  It looks cleaner and a bit old school but I like it better.

This is what I'm reading
Snagged it on the used books thinga on line.
I'm also reading an ebook: Michael Clarkson's The Age of Daredevils, as well as Thomas Cleary's translation of, Vitality, Energy and Spirit.

Reading can really help out the blues.  And I've been sick so that plus LOTSOFOTHERSTUFF... has kept me busy.

Maybe I'll see you all on the weekend.  I hope...  my head is splitting...ouch!

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