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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday Thirteen: a wee bird list...

Since I've been a birdwatcher from my earliest years, my mother was one you see, I've made a small list of 13 birds who visit our garden, or have done when the hummingbird feeders were up.

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Birds and Blooms is a magazine with gorgeous content and info.
Now to the birds in my own garden

1. Allen's Hummingbird
2. Anna's Hummingbird
3. California Towhee
4. Black Phoebe
5. Audubon Warbler (which is now lumped into Yellow Rumps but soon to be "UN-lumped")
6 Nashville Warbler
7. Wilson's Warbler
8. Lesser Goldfinch
9. House Finch
10 Gold Finch
11 Bushtit
12. Phainopepla
13. Western Tanager

I've used the Audubon site because of the terrific site photos.  But, I actually use the Cornell app on my other devices.  Cornell also has an online study course in Bird Biology.
Cornell is AWESOME!


  1. I enjoy watching the birds but I have not taken the time to learn all their names. Or the names of wildflowers. Some things I should do. Thanks for playing Thursday 13!

    1. Birds are wonderful things to watch and enjoy the presence of. Wildflowers are, too!
      I love Thursday 13. Thank you for co-hosting it!

  2. We are blessed by cardinals and they are right outside our window at the feeder most days.

    1. Cardinals are gorgeous birds and "blessed" is a very good word to describe them being in one's life.
      We have Cardinals down by someplace called Dairy Mart Farms. It used to be only a mile from where we lived so very sweet indeed. They lived in the willows down by the river.

  3. There is no way I could go into such detail on the birds that come to my yard. I would lump them into crow, robin, and LBB.

    Right now there are none at all. Too much snow and cold and not enough food.

  4. Poor birdies. But you do your best for them. They always appreciate it very much.
    The weathers are mild here usually, so we just planted things that tiny gleaners, like the warblers and bushtits, could eat the bugs from, and other birds can eat seeds from winter weeds and bushes. Insects,too.


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