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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wolfie is recovering nicely.

Wolfie has been under the weather for a few days this past week. 
Contemplative Mood

 This malaise all started Thursday and lingered.  Since we know that he was kicked around and abused in his former home (he has several broken bones) we reckoned that he also had internal injuries that didn't kill him but "only made him stronger", to a point.  He gets sick periodically so it's not an isolated event. How anyone could abuse this sweet natured dog I'll never know.

I've always wanted more than one dog, but since I now can't easily walk the block with a dog, it would be too much to expect Mr. Z. to do it.  But, it would still be lovely to have a white or a red fuzzy pound pup, like the Wolf.

We had a lovely dog for a few hours a couple of years ago, and he fit right in.  He was a Gent.  Wolfie almost instantly accepted him.  We kept our new foundling safe until his owner could be located.  He had no collar and NO micro-chip.

I'm writing to urge you, if you have a dog, to be sure to get a licence and a collar for your Pup, and have him or her micro-chipped.  More and more people are willing to check foundlings with a nearby vet if these little wanderers are found without a collar.  A micro chip makes it possible  to get your dog back if they go "a-field".   They all love following their noses to the next county!

A-field I tell you!


  1. A good reminder for our dogs. The first thing we did when we were moving to MO, was to fence our new yard.

    1. Hi Katie. Oh yes. A fence! The most important thing unless you have a terrier. They need electric fences, the little Devils.
      Wolfie loves to dig, so he has to stay out of the backyard when the hubster is digging. Wolfie dives right in and "helps". He used to try to dig up the tortoises.
      Feral dogs must have many survival skills such as licking dew, which he also does.

  2. Glad Wolfie is feeling better and thanks for advocating for dogs everywhere.

  3. Thank you Wendy. He's his old, lively little self again, snoofling everywhere.
    Dogs are the loves of my life after humans. I would do just about anything for them.

  4. I'm sorry Wolfie is under the weather. He's adorable. So glad he's got a good home now.

  5. Thank you Bee Bee. He's still got something wrong, manifesting in smelly emissions, but he's bouncing around on walks and once gain enjoying the experience.

  6. awww poor puppy, good on you for adopting him.

  7. We had adopted Wolfie after five months of trying to recover from the loss of our toy poodle rescue. We had jazzie for nearly 13 years. My doctor,told me, "I am so glad you guys got another dog" when she saw me again. Wolfie actually saved us. He's an angel.


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