Living in the Present

~❤️~"The Heart Hath it's Own Memory"~❤️~
William Wadsworth Longfellow

The present is best.
It only lasts a fraction of time.
The past can be a weird load of both Terror and Trivia.
And, the future is amorphous.
I'll take the Present.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wordless Wednesday...shhhh



  1. O.k. When did you manage to secretly go on a trip to the moon - and how come you didn't tell us about it sooner??!!?

  2. No words on this wordless Wednesday! Beautiful photo of the earth from the moon.

    1. I always try for wordlessness but seldom succeed. Lol
      P.J. posted the mother cat on social media. And we can thank NASA for that amazing earth snap. Wish I'd been there. I've heard the green cheese is amazing!! Heehee


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