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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fighting back....From Senator Jeff Merkely; Holly Near's song...

The Congressional Budget Office has lately come under fire for their unbiased views of what happens if Trump and his cronies ram through his Trumpcare regimen.

From Senator Merkley:

"Breaking news: The Congressional Budget Office just announced that if Trumpcare becomes law, 24 million Americans will lose health coverage.
That's 24 million people who will lose the peace of mind that comes with insurance. If they or a loved one gets sick, they're going to be at risk of bankruptcy, or worse. Not only does Trumpcare break the promise to cover everyone covered by the Affordable Care Act, it leaves more people uninsured than the broken system that President Obama inherited!
Now we know why Republicans are in such a hurry to pass this bill – and why it’s so crucial we resist their efforts.
The numbers are damning – and those are the numbers calculated by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, run by a Republican appointee. "

I've decided to re-link the button on the side bar and open my other blog back up to the public.

And I've decided to post this by Holly Near... Sent to me by my daughter, Gee.

"The Souls are Coming Back"

"Why are they dropping Bombs while I'm playing the Cello."


  1. I like Holly Near and this is such a positive protest song! Years ago I had an album she did with Ronnie Gilbert.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. It is truly something that we can do that is if we weren't being run around the country by vulture capitalists.

      I'll look up that album.


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