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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thursday 13: Tiny animals in tiny sweaters, and a set of dog bootie making.

I've finished the Peace Cowl and am now casting it off:

Thank you, Kwizgiver!!  It's brown.  You want it?

And, so.... I wanted to celebrate getting something done, at long last!

Since the most adorable photos on the web are of babies, human and other tiny Earthlings, and since baby sweaters are such cute little bits of knitting.... a *light Bulb* moment ensued!

My T13 this Thursday are 13 small animals in sweaters.  The images are all over the web so it's likely not possible to find the original poster.  I always poke about for the original but after a few permutations, those back links get lost.  And some are trashed up to the gills with some pretty horrid ads, so I wouldn't send an enemy there, let alone friends!

So, anyway, this might cheer you up.  Most of these seem to have originated on the BoredPanda.com website and Blazepress.com

1. Baby Hamster all sweatered up and adorable!

Originally from @cutsy via Jessica's Blog
2. This little piggie is very,very small.  Look at that little smile.

3. Garden snail with a sweater crocheted (i think) especially for him/her.

4. Baby Nigerian kids.  So frisky and Sweet!  from this Site called MetroLink.co.uk

5. Curious Dark Tiger kitten in a sweater.
Jwloo attribution at THIS site.
6  Baby Guinea Pig is from BlazePress.com

7.  A baby Gibbon, in a hand knit...

8.A baby Sulcata tortoise.
9. Adorably cute tiny Rottie puppy in a Hoodie:

And a little pug makes 10:

11. And a pair of very small dogs that look like babies but are probably full grown Yorkshires. The breed of the one on the right is a little iffy.

12.  A whole TON of baby bunnies with their little sleeve sweaters:

13. Maybe this is a Red (or maybe Champagne) toy poodle puppy, or, maybe it's a Shipoo puppy:

Not in the count but somewhat on the same page, is a sweater that I knit for a not quite small Shipoo, Wolfie, a couple years ago.  I plan to make him more for when we go to the snow.  I shall also make him little boots (See three two videos below) to keep the snow from making pricky little ice dams between his toes.

I put it in here because he is a dog, though not a baby anymore, he still looks adorable in it.  But it was 89 degrees today and I'm not going to put him in it just now.

Hope you have enjoyed these 13 little happinesses.. and here are three two YouTubes that show how to make very good and probably even, most excellent(!!!) snow boots for your dog.  Enjoy!

How to make dog boots:


  1. Aaawww... This post made my day. So darn cute.
    I have been planning to make one for my turtles but it never happen. I am not that dedicated :(
    Congrats on your crochet

  2. Sweet indeed, to make someone's day. Thanks for cheering me up, too, with the comment! Oh, please do share it if you make sweaters for your turtles.

    And Thanks about the Peace Cowl. I'm going to start in on the Aran Sweater now. And another Peace Cowl.

  3. Too cute! Especially the hamster and the kid.

    1. I love those two. Since I've knit tiny sweaters for some very small dolls, (five inches) the hamster one gave me happy memories.

  4. Oh my gosh! How cute are these tiny animals? I love the hamster, the kitten, the kid, the rabbits, oh just all of them!

    1. If you search via the image tab on "tiny animals in sweaters", you'll find even more. They really cheered me up. Enjoy your finds!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, sandyland. The web image search can turn up so many comforting things. "Cute stuff" searches save my sanity.

  6. I need one right now. It's so cold. My favorite is the turtle sweater. I admire knitting but can't do it myself.

    1. Knitting calms my mind, especially in times like these. Any handwork, even sewing on buttons, is something that helps. So, actually does machine sewing. If you have an old felt hat, sew a bunch of buttons on it and sequins, while you sit quietly watching the birds at the feeders? I know you like to muse, so muse away the blues, m'Lady.

  7. Your scarf is my favorite color of brown. What beautiful things. You're talented.

    1. You are kind to say so, Mia Celeste. I started as a kid, with no one to teach me, so it's now second nature.
      That color matches my eyes. Now, if I could only iron my face! Lol!

  8. OMG. How adorable! Who would have thought of putting something on a snail! Wow. I love what you knitted. I don't think I will ever get the hang of it.

    1. The snail 🐌 is terribly cute. I thought about adorning one of the baby tortoises. As for the knitting, just do a little every day, and before you know it it, you'll be sailing before the wind!


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