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Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Frogging: The Manly Beastly sweater

Yes, it's finally coming together.  But I've gotten that restlessness again.  Easter Sunday was pleasant with the in laws but it was also very enlightening.  From now on, I will take my knitting and put on my Zen "Cloak of Inscrutability".  I'm not fit to be in Human Company.  It's very tiresome.

The Manly-Beastly Aran Sweater.  Gorgeous, eh?

I've decided to frog back to the baseline and start again with these instructions. This should be in quotes but I couldn't find the original resource page again.  The next poster, a Guru of chart knitting, pronounced it correct.

Make this BIGGER

This is one of the comments on a web page about knitting from charts.  I think one thing is left out, namely this fact below:

The instructions should include that the chart be read from RIGHT to LEFT on the ODD numbered rows, and LEFT to RIGHT on EVEN numbered  rows.  Or else it's some other kind of Hocus Pocus.  

Wish me luck, please, because I'm going to need it!  I've used charts many a time but mostly never a sweater pattern where one must knit in the round for sanity, and then leap over into the flat into insanity.  ⇜😕⇝

I now need:
A. a nap
B. a new brain cell to rub against the one I've got left, or....
C. some chocolate.   *thinks about it*

Friday will be all about the knitting.  I'm saying this now to save you a trip or two into the dreaded "Knit Nut Zone".

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