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Sunday, April 9, 2017

I've had it up to "HERE" and It hurts too much to stay silent...

.....especially in deference to party-line demagogues.

I've re-linked the political blog..why the hell not?  In for a penny, in for a pound...

If We, the People, who hold Truths to be self evident, end up not being able to remove Trump and his whole row of Line dance partners via the courts and the egotistical, power mad Republican party(like that will ever happen)- we are going to end up with a civil war here. 

I always hoped that what I also saw coming down the road was not going to happen.  Every other nation, even the Russians, will have to keep their heads screwed on straight, because, "Something wicked this way comes".  

 This is such a nightmare, and may result in a war, civil or global.
I saw Putin "smoooshing"  the French President, and immediately thought, "I wonder what Putin is holding over HIS head?." 

Then I think, but not regularly," Has the U.S. been judged and is being punished?" After all, that could explain it.  But overweening Greed and the Megalomania can also explain what's happening.
Far too many Republicans are ruthless, and unscrupulous, and the voting system has been gamed. Obviously the personality disorder that Trump suffers from fit their plans or he would be gone.
However, all this leaves the rest of us playing "piggy in the middle".  We haven't had a good Republican president, one actually elected and not appointed, since Ike.  He was an amazing man.

There I've said my piece.

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