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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sunday Stealing: The Time and Money Questions.

We found this gem from a site called MommyeTime. It's not clear if she wrote or stole the questions. From the site's set up, it appears the blogs purpose was to help raise children and saving (or better phrased as "helping") your marriage. The picture here is from the blog, but we're pretty sure it's not the author. And to add to our confusion of not finding a picture of the site's writer(s), we couldn't even find a name.  

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And now Stealing!  Cheers to all of us thieves!

Sunday Stealing: The Money Time Questions

1. What are five passions that you have? (If you have less than five, tell us what you do have interests.)
My Family, Art, Music, and dogs and cats. That's five, right?  I'm pretty passionate about them all.

2. List up to ten random facts about yourself. 
My ten random facts about myself:

1. I love Udon noodles.  I want to eat them every day but now seldom do.

2. I used  to go outside at 3 am and listen for the little foxes calling each other on the mountain.  They no longer are around.  Probably they lost out to urban development and Coyotes.
3. I enjoy the calls of Wolves and of Coyotes, howling to each other in the wilds.
4. I could live all winter in the Desert. I love everything about it.
5. My favorite taste is salt.
6.  My hearing is very sharp.
7.  I have two broken toes.
8.  I'm often hyper focused but am not ADHD.
9.  I'm thought to have a condition called Tetrachromacy.  My sister also has it.  I think it's the Native American in us.  The problem I'm now having is that I've got cataracts forming. So, Lol! So long, vibrant color vision!
10. I like spiders, though I'm allergic to their little, wee bites.  I have to be very careful in handling them. Last night there was one crawling along the ceiling over our bed, and I got out the feather duster, kept swirling it around as he raced for the edge to jump, and escorted him out the front door.  Unfortunately, at that same time, I let IN a mosquito, who entertained us for a good long while.  We didn't escort HER out.  Out of this "Vale of Tears", perhaps, but not outside to freedom.

3. List five people (personal, historic, living or dead) who have had a major impact on your life or the way you think.
My mother, the original Zen Master in my life, my amazing, brainy husband, and my 4 highly analytic daughters. I know; that's Six. I don't care, twins cannot be separated.  How's that for an excuse?

4. List 5 things you'd tell your 15 year-olds self, if you could.
(1)You will live through this; (2)you will find happiness; (3)your brain is fine but it's just different; (4)you want four children and even though you end up not wanting four, you are going to have four and will be very happy about it;(5) don't let the Muggles you will meet get you down.

5. What is a major strength that you have? (You can list more than one. Staying with our no rules approach.)
I have, and am lucky to have, a rock solid reason for knowing that this place is not the "real" world.

6. What is a major weakness that you have? (You can list more than one. STILL staying with our no rules approach.)
I believe in a Human Being's right to have liberty and justice.  However, in a world that worships money and power, no matter how brutal,  this leads to angst and broken hearts.  This makes me feel helpless and powerless.

7. Describe the family dynamic of your childhood versus your family dynamic now.
My childhood was very rough?  Terrible actually.  Part of it was, I'm sure, due to the way my father, a decorated war hero, was treated when he came home.  The family I married into?  Some were xenophobic.  A few were outright Bigots.  So, our own family dynamic?  We raised our children to be Color Blind. It was the only way either of us could think of to make sure that they escaped those other "dynamics".

8. What popular notion do you feel that the world has most wrong?
I find it hard to believe that there is ANYONE, ANYWHERE who still believes that the Humans on the Planet are not ALL rather closely related.  Come on, it's only about 300 thousand years people.
This arcane attitude is totally mind boggling to me.

9. Name three things that always cheers you up when you are down.
Being on line with our friends; holding hands or joking around with Mr. Z., and knowing that we are going to be seeing the kids soon.

10. Name three things would you like to be remembered for?
Kindness, Forthrightness, and Compassion. Yes, yes, obviously, I'm still working on them...


  1. I think you got the last question. :-) I enjoyed your little story about the spider and the feather duster.

    1. Thank you, CountryDew. I like to write short stories. I guess you could say that it's my genre.
      Hopefully I can live up to the answer to #10 for the rest of my life. I'm afraid I don't have a very good sight-line when I look at the future of the US or of the Earth. We've been limping toward Armageddon since WWI.

  2. Loved the twins excuse...perfectly reasonable! And I agree with Country Dew, #10 is you in a nutshell. :)

    1. I'm going to keep my head down and nose clean, but my mouth is going to be open with big words issuing forth. Some will be prayers and some scorn for short sighted world leaders. But I will say it kindly. lol

  3. I'm so humbled that you three have thought so. One thing I won't be doing, however, is "going gently into the Night." So, this means, expect some rants.

  4. Love that you took the time and made the effort to listen to the foxes.

    1. :) They are lovely little guys who have got a bad rap. I find it thrilling to hear them calling.


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