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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thursday Thirteen: A pen collection.

I've messed up the publish date.  Sorry if you couldn't see the blog entry, or it disappeared on you.  

I've been thinking about getting back into letter writing in a big way, especially for the agencies that have a lot of people write letters to save lives!

So, taking a cue from the Thursday 13 topic list, here's my list of my favorite ink pens.

 I'll just start on the left and go across the row.  I put the picture in the middle because it seemed to help.

1.  This was an impulse buy in the late 90's, and it stands as a symbol for the reasons I don't go to Office Max too many times a year.  I am a paper and pen NUT!  I still love this chubby but short ball point pen.
2.  This was a gift from WWF, one year.  Gorgeous writing instrument with plenty of heft.  The pencil that came in the set is hefty, too.
3.  Mr. Z gave this to me because, well, see answer number 1.  It's a lovely and hefty pen and came with a pencil, too.
4.  This is a pen from an inkwell that was my mother's.  She gave it to me one year because it was something she knew I had loved to use when I was young.  I still have the well, and a bottle that goes inside it.
5.  This pen was a foundling at some shop somewhere in the 60's.  I always spot the Pens!  Anyway, it will take one of the cartridges that I used to, and maybe still can, buy.  It's a beautiful writing instrument.  I once wrote all my letters with it to pen-pals.
6.  The orange pen from what once was a set of both pen and pencil for children.  These are from the 40's.  Both it and the blue pen (and pencil) sets have a life and a charm all their own.  I used these as soon as I was able to write.
7.  The pen from the Blue set children's pens and pencils.  
8.  An Esterbrook from the 1950's and another one of my mother's pens.
9.  My mother and dad had a matching pen and pencil set, from Eversharp, that they bought when they were first married, and working together at the L.A. County Law Library.  I've used this so much because it fits my hand perfectly.  I have mother's set and my sister has PD's.
10.  A Parkette from the 1930's that belonged to my Grandfather.  I don't use it as much anymore because all these old pens are in need of new bladders.  And, I've found that they are available on Ebay and just snagged some.     You have GOT to love the web!!

11.  This is my own "modern" Parker pen.  Mr. Z. bought it for me in the 60's, and he bought himself the next pen down the line, a black barreled beauty.

12.  This is Mr. Z.s pen.  We did a LOT more actually writing in those days because I was still writing to my mother, my pen pals, and all my aunties, and well, the less glamorous but ubiquitous bill paying task. Needs must, they say...

13. This hooded beauty was my mother's last pen.  It was from the late 50's I think.  But, I haven't researched it.  It writes like a dream.

Speaking of research, if you'd like to see a fabulous pen collection, go to RichardsPens.com.  

And, now, why not go write someone a letter.  You know.....

~*~"Shock  and Awe" them~*~

Come on, I know you want to do that.


  1. That's an impressive collection of pens.

    1. Thank you. It took awhile to find them all. They are scattered hither and thither, like my brain is......
      🍥 oh! A cookie!

  2. I want them ALL, but #2 appears most utilitarian & most closely matches my style, so when you decide to thin out your stock, send me THAT one, please!

  3. I used to write letters all the time, now I can barely sign my name! I think the chubby pens (first one) help the hand not cramp up. In my house, pens are like socks, one day they're everywhere the next they have disappeared. Lots of unmatched socks and pens that have run our of ink.

    1. You do know that small objects like socks, pens, and key chains, have rudimentary legs and can crawl under things in the blink of an eye, yes? ;-)

  4. Oh how glorious! It never occurred to me to collect pens but what a grand idea. I had a really nice Cross pen that a teacher gave me when I graduated high school that I cannot find. I know it is here somewhere . . . great Thursday 13!

    1. Thanks, and I hope you find the Cross pen of yours. What a thoughtful gift. She knew you where destined to be a writer!
      I was lucky with this collection as my mother lovingly kept many of these pens all safely tucked up for me.

  5. such a lovely memory trip I'm lucky if mine write

    1. I know this feeling of having to search out pens. Mine are all over the place. It's my age. Heehee

  6. Great post. I can relate. I'm into pencils.

  7. I could tell that number 5 was your 60's pen! I think it's so cool that you have pens belonging to your parents. I still have one of the last checks my dad wrote. I don't know why. Sentimental seeing his handwriting, I guess. Loved your post!


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