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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday Tails.. Birds in the Anza Borrego Desert tune up for Spring. And meet Fern...

Fern was in a filthy cage in a dog meat farm in Korea. I quote:
"It was a freezing cold day in January when we first met Fern. Despite her suffering, she was so sweet and patient. Fern was the last dog we removed from a dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea. Her eyes were trusting and she went along quietly when our rescuers pulled her from her rusty cage."

The Rescuers were captivated by her gentleness

Trainers at The Pet Experts gave her a certificate of Goodness.
She now has a wonderful forever home where she has a kittah pal named Nova.
Thanks to all the rescue workers who do this Kind and Compassionate Service on behalf of the Sum of Us.

This sweet shot of a Costa's Male comes from HERE at Bird's-Friends.com

This is how our little tyrant of the feeders looked when he rested on the wire of
The Christmas lights stung under the patio cover, lying in wait for his next target to harass.

For decades, at least 20 years we had a Costa's Hummingbird around the feeders.

Page about the Costa's from Audubon

This Page is from Birdnote.org

This site a wonderful site for people who know our area birds and even for those who just want to see some gorgeous things about the terrain, the birds and Native American history.   Lake Murray, where the first Costa's picture is taken,  is in San Diego's Mission Trails Regional Park.

Happy Birding around and about San Diego.

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