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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tuesday Tales on a Sunday: Upadated: Cyanide devices removed from Idaho.

This is a big victory.

You must GO HERE to read the story in the Washington post.

This momentous victory, in the face of a hostile administration and Congress,  was also re- posted at the Center for Biological Diversity's web page since their members played a big part on getting this ban in place.

Read the latest on the illegality of use of these devices by the Dept. of Ag.


  1. It certainly looks as if the department has little regard for the public. I read both articles as well as some other material on the use of these devices, and see that there is actually no intention to cease the purchase of and use of these cyanide traps. There is no ban, only a temporary moratorium. Extremely poor management in the setting of these devices. Arrogance towards the public. Horrific.

    1. Arrogance it is, indeed. I guess deaths from accidental detonation of the people who put these traps out might get more media attention and perhaps result in a permanent ban everywhere.
      The fact that these poison bombs- aka Chemical weapons- are put out on the Public Lands is truly an Abomination that's been visited on the public by the Department of Agriculture. But DOA seems famously careless about anything but getting afoul of the DOI, in charge of calling them out about,say, overgrazing on the public lands.
      With Ryan Zinke in place, we can all kiss oversight goodbye. So much for the children's inheritance, and "America, The Beautiful".

  2. So these cyanide traps have killed hundreds of feral dogs, 22 pets and livestock animals. I don't know how officials can justify things like this!

  3. It isn't even discussed that else they kill.
    " The purpose for such poisons is to reduce predator threats and help save livestock, but the press release argued, these devices have not been found to reduce the target wildlife and instead harm unintended targets, such as lynx, wolverines, bald eagles and pets. Further, the press release said, when predators are killed it only reduces their numbers temporarily and, evidence suggests, can create higher rates of reproduction and dispersal."
    They make me sick with their disregard and their arrogance.
    And another quote from the same source,
    According to the press release, agencies spent $99 million in taxpayer dollars to kill 2,744,010 black bears, coyotes, mountain lions, birds, wolves and other native wildlife species in 2016 alone. Roughly 77,000 of those animals were coyotes, the release said, with 16 percent poisoned by M-44’s."


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