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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday 13: The week of things...thoughts, and blah blah...

1. I'm reading this book, along with five others in kindle form.  When my mind drifts, I switch.
But the knitting... hmmmm??  *falls down and kicks and screams and has a hizzy fit*

2. We saw this a few days ago. It's been Hortished, because I thought I saw an angel.  Just keep in mind that if you don't see it, don't worry.  It is probably because I'm crazy and you are not.

3. Heart on a Pizza slice
Gather Ye Heart shapes where Ye may....

4. Gratuitous Cuteness
Rescued baby California Otter.
In case you missed it, Here's her story from November 2014.
This is a little cheer-me-up for these hard times.
5.  Muni Yarns Illustration.  Only my animals of choice would be puppies and doggies.

6. Our tiny Costa's Hummingbird from bygone years.  He's surely gone to heaven by now.

7. Thank you, Suzi, for showing me this site!
Fotosketchered cape honeysuckle
GO HERE to join the fun.  CNET is ubber safe

8. Shelter Island last summer.  There were at least fifty of  these Cairns made of the sea wall rocks,and were made by a very industrious but "Anonymous" Builder.
There were at least fifty made by Anonymous Builder.
However, Conservationists want us to stop making new ones..
Here is a LINK  to the Article on Smithsonian site, from whence
came this photo.

9. And another at Shelter Island last summer....And No, my darlings, it is not the same one as the first.

10. What I want to paint for the rest of my life....

I want to pour, decorate and fire this style of pots for my garden

11. To the delight of Mr. Z. I went back to the gym to try to get healed.   My new trainer worked a mini miracle for me using Acupressure on my two year old injury.  I trust him.  But when he asked me to stop eating chocolate, I just cut back instead. I'm eating one square of TJ dark chocolate bar instead of three.  Then I found this while trolling the images at Google.

12. Quilting with large stashes can be hazardous!  Mine isn't as bad but really, I don't want to be Bush Whacked by my own stash.  *Shivers*  It's just Dreadful!

This tiny flower, and many other mini weed flowers - like chickweed, pigweed, and blue-eyed grasses, lamb's quarter- provide nectar to Common Sootywings.  These are the smallest butterfly in our garden, and difficult to capture on any camera, so I'm in awe of Cat's photo!

They are really tiny.  The photo at this page is strictly not to be copied, so HERE is Cat's page URL so that you can see just how tiny this little guy is.


  1. I once had an acupuncturist tell me to got to bed as soon as it's dark and wake up with the sun to re-set myself. I'm a night owl, so I cheated, but tried for awhile. Chocolate, every other day? I eat soft cheese everyday and have a what I call a "cheese belly." I used to like a Jackson Pollack painting with our mouse site and tried to find it for you, but it's just an empty page now. Too bad, I loved it.

    1. I like some of Jackson Pollack's earlier works, before Guggenheim got her claws into him and made him a "commodity". And, I guess there are a lot of dead pages floating in the cloud. sad, really.
      I can't give up ALL my chocolate. heehee And if I were to try to go to sleep at dusk, I'd have to stay up all night the night before and drink coffee half the morning. Lol. Even primitive humans built fires for those "dark" hours.

  2. I just heard a news item stating that a small amount of dark chocolate daily helps control atrial fibrillation. I told My Beloved Sandra I was going to start self-medicating. "A Chunky a day keeps the doctor away."

    1. Oh yes, just keep eating your chocolate! Very good new take on that old saw. Thanks! I'll tell that to my trainer.

  3. Grin. With Kindle there's no end to how many books you can carry around. :)

    1. Oh Mia Celeste, it's like heaven having a finger into so many books. Wheee!
      BTW, I can't find out how to comment on your blog. So, here goes... That is a very impressive list of the characteristics of Zombies. I had no idea their world was so complex!

  4. I most definitely see the angel. You are not alone.

    1. Thank you! You are an angel. It's nice not to be alone.

  5. I saw the angel in the photo, pretty easy to spot. They say that eating chocolate cake for breakfast is good for you now. Might have to give it a try.

    1. Good! There really was an angel in that cloud in the sky. It was a beautiful sky that day....
      Oh my.... I'd love to eat chocolate cake every day. I loved your 13's post. So many heroines!

  6. You are welcome. I'm delighted that you like Fotosketcher. It is so much fun trying out all different combinations available.

    Milk chocolate for me, please.

    And, yes, there is an angel in that picture.

    Suzi (in disguise)

  7. Hey there! Fotosketcher is amazing. Thanks!
    And Milk chocolate it is... You see the angel. Yay!. I'm so happy others can see it, too.


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