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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday Thirteen: Books read, tossed things, and etc...

Tossed out three things today alone:

1. strange and lacey brown paper shipping stuff that looked like it would make a spiffy wreath that I DO NOT need.
2. Magnolia pods, two baskets full, that I was going to make into star shaped wreath for Xmas, just... "because".
3. Stacks and stacks of paper for doing ceramics.  I don't need it and shouldn't have kept it.  I will still do ceramics but God help me, there will be NO MORE figurines!

Read four books.

4. Marley and Me , by John Grogan

5. The Other Einstein , in the big library read.

6. Innocent Blood , by P.D. James

7. The Nursing Home Murder , by Ngaio Marsh

8. We, or rather Mr. Z did, found a delightful little wild violet lobelia growing in the home garden.
From our Garden
They are slightly different than the ones that were just planted at Trescony (see image below).... this plant, (flower above) growing wild here, is totally inexplicable.  The only little flowers of this type that we've had here in the past were some from my mother's seeds called Johnny Jump ups, but they've been gone for years.  Spooky... I'm happy to take this little flower as a comforting sign.

New Trescony boomers
9. After taking a new medicine since November when I was told not to take the old one anymore - this was because it has been shown to cause significant short term memory loss - I became allergic to the new one over time.  The upshot was that I knew I was in trouble.  I went out on the web and found that allergic reactions to this new drug were exactly what I was in trouble with.
I'm now taking sleep the way it comes, naps, three hours at a time basically.  I really can't complain, but, GOD BLESS THE WEB!  I only wish I'd caught it earlier.  Lots of grief.  Meh...

10.  Our newest tomato plants, grown by our DD who has plant sales.
Black Krim and Green Zebra.  Both delicious! We've grown both.
11.  Since I met a young Hawaiian gal playing a uke when we were visiting, and she showed me some strumming patterns, I'm keeping my fingernails short.  I feel lots less clumsy already, and I can play my uke.  I need, NEED NEED something to keep my mind on track and out of sad, dark places!

12.  This HUGE seed head is from Tragopogon, aka "sweet Salsify".  I mean to plant some of the seeds of it; that is if it isn't poisonous to the Torts or is not otherwise a noxious weed.  It was growing in the Trescony plot.  The roots are edible but who knows how they taste!
See Web page HERE about it.

13. When I went to the hospital where they cared for Elle, I found out they have a knitting group.  So I left them some patterns I'd printed off the web, and will not make the boots for the cancer patients but will make fingerless gloves.  The battle with the Manly-Beastly is set to resume.  I'm getting in gear at throwing away stuff I'll never use, so, Yay Me!


  1. I find clearing out very difficult. My office in particular needs a lot of tossing and sorting and every time I set to do it I look at it and walk away. It still looks like a journalist's office and I need to turn it into an author's office, but I don't know what to do with all of this stuff. Plus now I've taken up coloring and knitting and it all ends up in my office, too. Yikes.

  2. Yikes indeed! What I've decided is that I can deal with the clutter only one way and that is a few items, perhaps five, to make a decision about, and do that but do it every single day. So far, so good. That saves my sanity, and it really does work. I watched my tiny MIL chip a piece of cement off a block in her yard every day and trash it. She inspired me to face my various paper and natural materials clutter that way.
    I've also created categories. if something doesn't fit into one of those three or four categories, out it goes, one way or another. Most of the unwanted things are being recycled since they still have a use. I feel better about it and can let go of little dreams that way.

  3. sigh - letting go of little dreams = THAT is why it is hard to keep the stuff moving along.

    We walk past the TEARS animal charity gift shop when we head for the beach. I am trying to drop off a few bits each time.
    And I did the 40 for Lent which became 8 large bags of books for their other shop.

    1. Yes, little dreams. They do die just as hard as the big ones, don't they?
      And, you have given me an idea! I will find smaller animal charities here to donate to as well as the human serving ones. I also have boxes and boxes books to go.

  4. Your life is full, like mine but different. I love the lobelia finding. Nothing to collect, just enjoy while it blooms.

  5. True, it's been a full life but now I will only collect photos! 😀


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