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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sunday Stealing: Back to School!

First of all.  A public service announcement!

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Back to School

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on  
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And a big thank you goes to BEV, who puts these together now.  Huzzah!  This is great!

This month, kids from all over will be going back to school (if they haven't already gone back).  I thought it might be fun to look back at our own school days, some of them more recent than others.  I couldn't find a meme to steal, so this was cobbled together from a bunch of "questions to ask students" sites, and a couple of my own ideas.  Have fun!

1.  What kind of school did you attend (Big? Small? Public? Private? Specialty? One-room schoolhouse?)  
I went to small city schools up through the 10th grade.  I also went to a High School in another small city system.

2. What did you wear to school (uniform? dress code? Whatever you wanted?)
I didn't have to wear a uniform; however..... girls were not allowed to wear anything but skirts, blouses and dresses to school, through out my school days.  Oh did we EVER complain!

3.  How did you get to school?
I rode a bus most of the time in the first 10 years. But sometimes I walked to school, and also rode my bike.  It was a frame, seat, peddles, and two, fat tires but it worked well!  After we moved away, I rode a bus to school because the High School was about seven miles away.

4.  Who was your favorite teacher?  Why?
My most pleasantly memorable teachers were my 2 Geometry teachers.  I liked them a lot because they literally unlocked the secrets of the maths to my brain. 

5.  What was your favorite subject?  Why?
I actually have three.  Spanish because of my excellent teachers, Geometry, because it made perfect sense (and my teachers), and I loved English Literature, because it was fascinating to read so many amazing books, and to learn how to write.  Creative writing was part of this two year course. This last 'Favorite' was despite my insane teacher who was a mean old Gal but who possessed a very fine mind.  You just had  to know how to inch your way around her Fits of Pique!  I perfected the Art!

6.  What was your least favorite subject?  Why?
I disliked American History, because the teacher was a closet bigot.  I can say no more without ranting.

7.  Did you belong to any clubs?
I was in GAA, which saved my sanity, all four years of High School.  And well, not a school club, per se, but I was a Senior Scout.  From Brownies all the way to Senior Scouting, Scouts are the BEST!  I hope that shouldn't read, "were".  One never knows what this world is coming to.

8.  Were you a picky reader?
Picky only in the sense that I refused to read anything by James Joyce, i.e., his drunken ramblings, or Hemingway.  Later, I did read Hemingway but I really don't like men who mistreat their wives.  No matter how famous they are.  Einstein falls into this category, the pr*ck.  He can go stand in the time out corner with Hemingway.  

9.  What did you do in your free time?
I helped my mother, I sewed my clothes and took long, long walks in the countryside with my dog, Shadow.

10.  Did you get good grades?

11.  Did you like/participate in sports?
Inter mural sports, and all the time.  I loved sports!  Without GAA I would have been one sorry little Lass.  They even did courses and one of them was for Basketball referees.  I am certified!! 
Yes, I know, in more than one way.


12.  Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend in high school?
I could have, but didn't want the ones who wanted me for a girlfriend.  What's that joke?  Well, anyway.  The guys who were interested in me were sort of odd.  If they were Odd to me, that is saying they were a LOT OF ODD.   I only ever had eyes for a couple of Jocks, who never looked my way.  Nice guys, but not into brunettes, heehee, or so I tell myself.  *laughs hysterically* 

13.  When did you get your driver’s license?
I got my license when I was 15, but I was already driving from about the age of 12.  Things were different back in the dark ages.  We learned to drive in the dry riverbed of the San Gabriel.

14.  What kind of kid were you?  (Popular? Class clown? Shy?  A nerd?  Teacher’s pet?)
I was liked, but not in any big way.  I was basically a Nerd/Jock sorta gal.

15.  Who were your heroes?
John Glenn!  I can't remember thinking of anyone else as a hero.
And I actually adored Ike for doing the IGY in such Style!  I can't forgive him for the interstates, though.  Not yet. Killed railroads, you see.  Carbon feet.. etc.

16.  Were you ever bullied?
From Day ONE!  It stopped and became more covert when we had to move out to nearly the back of beyond.  It wasn't fashionable in a college town to do much of that overtly.  But I'm not a Merit scholar because of two teachers.  They held the real power.  They were harmful to more than just myself.  I bless all my great teachers who believed in me!

17.  Did you learn how to touch type?
Yes, I learned it in high school.  DH and I both did.  It was a requirement for my school.  Not sure if it was for his.

18.  Who was your best friend?  (Are you still friends today?)
In school my best friend was a girl named Roxie.  I still love her wherever she is!
But, the school mate who is now my BFF is Meffie.  We were in high school together but we were in different years.  It was after we both graduated that we got together to do things and become closer.  She always fascinated me because she was so smart and so very far from home.  She spoke English as well as I did!  

19.  What is one thing you regret about high school?
I actually got asked to the Senior Prom.  I should have gone.

20.  What were you most proud about?
My academic record, even though it got nurfed by a couple of teachers.  I can't imagine what it would have been like if I'd been an African American!  But, I can understand why African Americans are so disgusted about what happens.  The college boards scores bought me a slot though.  I'm glad of that!  


  1. Very insightful and interesting answers. And thank Mr. Z for the article!

    1. Thanks. I always seem to talk too much.
      And, I will thank Mr.Z and make his day! Happy Labor Day, Kwizgiver.

  2. I wish there had been a teacher who unlocked the secrets of math for me. Ugh. It's still a mystery.
    Hemingway was indeed a scoundrel, but I have a book some relative or another of his wrote about his time in Cuba and I became enamored and dream of visiting. Too bad our relationship with Cuba is not so great.
    Please thank Mr. Z for pointing us to the article.

    1. I wish we had a better attitude towards Cuba, too. Reading what we did to them in the past is sickening. However, nowadays, many Americans go there anyway. Cuba is not the problem. And, I HATE Guantanamo. It's like a big, hairy insult to the Cubans.

      Thank you, and I will thank him, Stacy. :o)

      I was lucky in my teachers. Too many teachers, and I had several, don't bother with kids and let them struggle. I think they think of it as a weeding out process.

  3. Very entertaining answers. You are quite the wit. And I adore you for it.

    1. CountryDew. You are very kind. and thanks for that. I can really become such an old scold!

      I look for Beauty but feel that something has to be said about the idiocy all around. I think what I am is so flummoxed that humor is all I have left! Life has to have some beauty and some bite. Laughing at myself helps. And, I have to see the ironic stupidity in things that are happening or I'll go mad. I'm sure you know this feeling!


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