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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday Tails: Wolfie and Me, PLUS, a tail of reindeer and a Native People. Nat Geo

My New Model for Reality
A little bit of Wolfie:  He's slowing down a lot.  And he's lost a pound.  But he seems to have the energy to do his two walks a day with Papa.  And help around the house.  He keeps the floors clean of crumbs, and helps me out.....
Wolfie still helps me with the crossword puzzles
Treat Time!  He checks the floor constantly
 for any which may have escaped him
 As for me, this is just about how I handle the days now.  I'll just ride my Unicorn.

I'm even going to make some very colorful cookies one of these days from This Page.   though.. there be more than....
........Unicorns on that Page...
BEWARE! Fair readers..... that page (Above) has been monetized out the ying yang.)

I read this with interest, and thought you also might like it.  I hope there aren't any big ads on it.  I won't do many Tails on my own anymore.  I'm just absolutely flummelled.  But, I've learned to take Naps!  From NatGeo......

Here's the LINK to National Geographic's Home page.

Hope you have a sweet and happy week, overcoming any of the things that keep you DOWN.  May you be UP all week.

This image is on the page below....

Habits of Supremely Happy People Page

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  1. Give Wolfie an extra treat from me. :-)
    I miss having someone to take care of the crumbs here.


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