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William Wordsworth Longfellow

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Third Safeguard in Separation of Powers.

This is EXACTLY why the Ultra Conservative Right wing cannot be allowed to stay in power.  They are a minority but can crush the power of our Constitution's Separation of Power edicts and all the citizen's rights.  And, since they know everything about everyone, they aren't above a little black mail to do it.  I'm thinking of all the Republicans who are saddled with these guys.

From the New York Times...

How Trump is Rapidly reshaping the Judiciary

Does anyone even have this on their radar besides Law Scholars and others who still care about the "government for, of,  and by the People", as Abe Lincoln so aptly said it?

We have a monster in office who far exceeds, in magnitude, the evil of any other person who has ever been in Office since Nixon or Cheney.  This is OUR country.  We need to act like the USA is in danger of collapse, or we'll lose even more rights.

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