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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Zinke, on Climate and the fires in California....

The man is a complete dolt but what else can be expected from a Trump administration "Official"?

This is WAY beyond politics.  This is a fight for the survival of  Earth's Biosphere. 
We are one step closer to the brink with this crappy administration that wants to deny climate change is real.  Sadly, we've been brought here by the GREED of some for short term gain.  I will say again, "You do NOT take anything with you except for the sins and the karma.  You OWN them."

There are many reasons for these fires, not the least of which is that we've had an intermittent drought for over 100 years in the state, all with increasing population and encroachments into wild lands in that time.  These assessments are two years old, and we've had two more rainy season that failed since then.


Ignorance should not be celebrated.  Why does anyone still think this man is anything more than a bad joke?


  1. I agree that anyone in the Trump administration are 'dolts' Hope you are staying safe!

    1. Thank you so much Paula for speaking up.
      And thanks about safety. So far we are safe but anything can, and usually does, happen in an instant. Our fires in this last spate were put out really fast.

      God Bless the Firefighters! 💞


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