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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Native American Women Power.....

Tekatsi' tsiah:khwa Katsi Cook (Wolf Clan) Mohawk Elder

Image from HERE  The Moon Magazine

And this...

From Maya Salam's OP Ed in the New York Times

"MYTH: American women’s rights began with the right to vote, granted in 1920.
REALITY: Native American women have had political power for 1,000 years.
It’s easy to view American women’s history through the lens of the suffragists, who fought for the right to vote. But the truth is, Native American women had their own political systems long before — systems that still exist.
“The idea that we’re so progressive because we got the vote 100 years ago — Native women look at that like, ‘Hm, well,’” said Wagner, who wrote the book “Sisters in Spirit,” about Iroquois women’s influence on early American feminists.
In fact, in some Native American nations, like the six Iroquois, the elder matriarch is responsible for appointing the chief, holding him to certain standards and removing him if he fails to measure up, Wagner said." 

So, we haven't really come all that way, Baby.....

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