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Friday, March 29, 2019

Saturday 9:

Thanks Gal for this Meme... Much Love...  

Chosen because Monday is April Fool's Day.   

1) As an April Fool's prank, Taco Bell once announced they had purchased The Liberty Bell and renamed it The Taco Liberty Bell. Describe your perfect taco.
That's pretty darn funny.  I can imagine the outrage..  Lol!
My favorite taco is...Home made, with taco shells I fried myself, and with meat, cheese, chopped lettuce and fresh salsa that we made.  There's nothing fresher or better. 

2) Similarly, as an April Fool's prank, the Ford Motor Co. was supposed to wipe out the national deficit by purchasing the naming rites to a beloved monument, renaming it the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial. What model car do you drive? 
Ford would probably be out of business if it hadn't bought Toyota when it did.  And that's no fool!
I drive a Jeep Liberty.

3) In 1998, Burger King got in on the April Fool's Day fun by promoting a special "Left-Handed Whopper," designed to be easier for a leftie to hold. Describe your perfect burger.
I'll take that left handled Whopper please.  I don't like burgers.  I know, it's un-American not to.  

4) In 1962, when color TV was still new, a Swedish station pranked viewers by telling them they could convert their black/white sets to color by cutting up a nylon stocking and stretching it across the screen. Of course, in 1962, more women wore nylons and screens were smaller. How big is your TV? Are there any nylon stockings in your home?  
OMG that is helarious!  and Yes, I have old nylon stockings but they are for crafting dolls.  

5) In 1957, the BBC ran an April Fool's story about how the Swiss were enjoying a "bumper spaghetti crop," with spaghetti literally growing on trees. Viewers who called the station, asking how to grow a spaghetti tree of their own, were told to place a sprig of spaghetti in a can of tomato sauce and hope for the best. Have you ever fallen for an April Fool's prank?
I soooo waant a spaghetti tree! Please please please!!  And, Yes, I have been, but only once by DH though neither of us can remember what it was about. Usually,  I'm super hard to fool because it's one of my favorite days of the year!  

6) When Crazy Sam was growing up, her mother would surprise her on April Fool's Day by slipping a rubber worm or plastic spider in her lunch box. When you were in school, did you more frequently brown bag it or buy your lunch in the cafeteria line?
Almost always brown bagged it.  But, I always got an ice cream bar on Friday. My allowance money was doled out that morning.

7) This week's song was an international hit for Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. Because of the song's bossa nova arrangement, everyone assumed the lead singer, Lani Hall, was Brazilian. She was a folk singer from Chicago. Sergio Mendes discovered her at a charity benefit. Can you think of a time when doing good really paid off for you?
Not like Lani's did!  Kindness is enough of a reward, I think...  yes, I think so. 

8) In 1968, when this record was popular, Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada. Today his son holds that office. When did you most recently visit our neighbor to the north?
I've never been to Canada but it's never been off the wish list either.  We thought we'd go all over the half acre once DH retired.  Of Mice and Man. lol

9) Random question: Name three websites you visit every day.
New York Times, Pinterest, and Instagram.  I remember when my mother got to be so poor, she would always copy things out of magazines, by hand and kept them in a folder.  She was a birder, too, and she would have LOVED to be able to go to Pinterest, and Instagram, for craft ideas on Pint,  and to follow birders on the IG.

Everyone have a lovely Saturday.  I hope you are well and as happy as possible.  
Gal.... Thanks for all the MEME fun down through the years.  
Wishing you Happiness..and Bonne Chance!


  1. Kindness is its own reward, isn't it? I find that when I've got the blues, helping someone else can take me out of myself a bit.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed this week's Sat 9. It was fun researching those April Fool's pranks.

    1. It is it's own reward, and it doesn't cost a single penny so that everyone, rich or poor, can give it. Someone laughed at me when I posted Barrett Browning poem about helping a robin unto it's nest, but really, that kindness is exactly what is needed.
      Thank you! This week's Saturday 9 is a great lead into April Fool's Day. I love that on Monday, all the big companies will post things on their web sites.

  2. Pinterest is such a fun site, and so many great ideas!! Have a great Saturday!

    1. I LOVE that place. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Have a great week Jodi!

  3. Hugs to you, Zippi. I am so glad to see you today! I agree, kindness is it's own reward. I said pretty much the same thing.

    1. Thank you CountryDew. Hugs back! I'm feeling frisky this week, so thought I'd give every one a holler. Yes.. Kindness is it's own reward, no matter how small of a kindness it never goes unnoticed. The Universe has many, many eyes... (((hugs))

  4. I forgot Instagram. I am on there every day too.

    1. I like it a lot, too. My kids got me started in it, and then the Birds and all the wonderful people there just grabbed me! I don't like that facebook owns it but... *shrugs*

  5. Replies
    1. Thought you might! They are both really a lot of fun! God knows we need that!

  6. I love Pinterest too! There have been times in my past where that was my time sucker. Fun site! Loved your answers! Have a great weekend!


    1. Hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend. Pinterest is my favorite time sink. Instagram is more, well, staid. But not much more! Crazy fun to be on either.
      Have a lovely week, Lori. With any luck at all I can do a couple more of these in a row. We'll see!


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