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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saturday9: Molly Malone

Molly Malone....

If you want to play along, or see other Entries... Go HERE

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) Are you of Irish descent?  Yes and no.. I'm Clan McCoy, actually.  Sort of Brigands of Nordic and Irish blood, or so the History of the Northern Scottish Islands goes.  

2) Legend has it that the heroine of this week's Irish ballad was a real lass. 17th century birth and burial records confirm that a woman with that name lived in Dublin. Can you think of another song about a real historic figure?  Only Jesse James.. Whom I am also related to.  Funny the things you find out through a DNA test.  Dad gum it Ma!  Now the Gov'mint knows this, too.  Gotta Go Git M'Gun!  

3) Molly sold fish from a cart that she wheeled through the streets. What's the last seafood you ate?  
Tuna sandwich, last week.  Toasted.  Lots of onions...Yummy!  

4) The lyrics tell us that, after her death, her ghost continues to wander the streets of Dublin with her wheel barrow. Do you believe in ghosts?  
Yes, I do.  And if you don't, well, we can still be friends.  

5) This week's featured band, The Dubliners, are obviously from Dublin. They were introduced to American audiences on The Ed Sullivan Show. Today, Stephen Colbert tapes his show in The Ed Sullivan Theater. Who hosted the last talk show you watched?   
I really haven't watched network TV for most of my life.  Before there was a time when not much else was going on, and I watched the Ed Sullivan show as well as Johnny Carson.

6) Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional St. Patrick's Day dish. Is it a favorite of yours?
I've honestly never had corned beef in anything but hash.  And, I like hash.  

7) According to Irish legend, leprechauns earned the gold in the pot they guard by repairing shoes. Crazy Sam can't remember the last time she got a pair of shoes repaired. When the heels wear away, she discards the shoes and buys new ones. What about you? Do you get your shoes fixed (either by leprechauns or just by ordinary repairmen)?  I have almost always done.  However, now I wear mostly Tevas and sandal-like mules or plats.  I would get the those last things shrunk or stretched occasionally.  Also, we got our boots fixed until the shoe maker closed up shop.  He was an actual shoe maker.  It's very rare to find one these days.  

8) Do you look good in green, the signature color of St. Patrick's Day?  I don't look good in Kelly greens.  I don't look good in anything but the deepest, darkest of greens.  Yellow is the same.  I can't wear it. I'm too "Asian", I guess.  And I LOVE yellow.

9) Random question: Did you more recently sneeze or cough?  
The question seems REALLY random this week but here goes:  
I sneezed---- a lot.  But, now that the plastic loop is finally out of my tear ducts (that were operated on in November) I think the sneezing will abate.  The doctor showed me the offending little piece of surgical "gear" after she removed it this morning ( I'm writing this on Friday afternoon).  It looked like a tiny key on a circle of wire.  I should have asked to keep it, it was that cute. 

Thanks Gal, for the lovely weekend MEME.  Big Hugs!


  1. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, too. To look at but alas, not to wear. It makes me look sickly. How unfair!

    1. I totally agree that this is so unfair! 😥. Why do we always want things we can’t have? Even yellow kitchen make me look sickly.
      Mother made me a beatiful yellow Easter dress for Church one year, and it was glorious to wear it. After that.. there was no more yellow for me.

  2. Was it expensive to get your shoes repaired? Have a great Saturday!

    1. Hi Jodi. It wasn’t expensive to have them repaired. Also, the hiking boots were all leather back in the day, and also very expensive to replace. Having them re-soled and re-heeled really was the best option.
      Wishing you a happy weekend. 🤟🏻

  3. Wow! That is neat you had a shoemaker right there where you live. I do not think I have ever rain into a shoemaker.
    Very cool that you are related to Jesse James! Loved your answers! Have a great weekend!


    1. Jesse was a shocker. Lol.. but it’s always nice to have some bit of badness back there..😉
      Having a shoe maker nearby was great. He was from Mexico and had immigrated here. He was an excellent cobbler.
      Have a wonderful day. 💕

  4. That sounds painful, a plastic loop in your tear ducts. Sheesh. My favorite green is what I call "hunter green" and it's a very deep, dark green. Also hard to find.

    1. Thank you CountryDew, Hunter green is one that I love to wear. And deep leaf green. My room is a deep leaf green..very calming.
      The plastic in my sinus/head was just on the edge of making me scream but not from pain. It caused dry eye and made me sneeze maniacally. I’m sooooo glad it’s gone. They needed to keep it in place for at least 4 month to insure success.

  5. The Ed Sullivan Show, the Carol Burnett Show, and Laugh-In I miss. I wish they would bring back the variety shows.

    1. All three of those shows were so worth watching. I’d watch them if they came back because now we have a MUTE button..lol🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
      The commercials finally got to me, though, and the kids liked Sesame Street, Nova, and nature shows so we just split to PBS asap. Mystery really grabbed me,too. 😱
      We still watched “MASH” and something called “Major Dad,”, on Broadcast TV 📺 but they were the only exceptions.

  6. I hope the sneezing problem is solved!

    I hate to admit this but I do not like yellow. I don't know why.

    1. It must be that you cannot stand bananas, either. lol. It's ok to not like yellow. I wish I didn't.. *falls down and cries aloud, "why me. Lord?"*

  7. I cannot wear yellow either! It's bad! And I am from the Clan McCoy myself!! How about that?

  8. Oh m'goodness, that is just too great! 'nother Cousin! ((((HUGS!)))) Hi Cousin!
    That makes three of us in here. I will not tell you who the other one is though. heehee
    Wow! That's mind boggling.... Maybe we also share Native American. They generally can't wear Yellow. * jumps away happily, over the moon... Yellow moon...*


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