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William Shakespeare
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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Thursday Thirteen: Musings and a little memory lane...

1. New Glasses!  😎  I cannot express my happiness at my new eyesight.  Thanks to my wonderful surgeon and his team!  All the colors are vibrant again!  I thought that there was something wrong with my computer because yellows were so ugly!  Think about flowers.. some of the yellows were sort of tan.. a lot tan.  Now my favorite color has made a comeback!

Female Yellow Tanager
C/O of Audubon Website

2.  This- see below- is the instruction for the 26 or so year-old Aran sweater project that I've been making for Mr. Z.  I've dug everything out YET AGAIN... and will finish it in the next six months.  I can't let it defeat me any longer!  

It's a complicated pattern from Garn Studios, Drops Design, and I had no trouble at all knitting it up to the break for front and back.  And it's now been sitting untouched since before the change of the CENTURY.... It's time.  And yes, I am ashamed of myself.  😔

This is the sweater.. It's gorgeous!  I have knit all the in the round of  body and sleeves, up to  the flat knitting.  As I said, shame on me.  But my new eyes have encouraged me to get out my knitting and go AT IT!  The Model is probably a grandfather by now!

4.  I am missing our RockHounding days, especially when I go through the photos and remember how much fun it was to just be "out there" with the whole gang. 
Near the Wheeler Ranch in Arizona

Steam Engine Mountain at entrance to Wheeler Ranch

Late Snow in Luna New Mexico where we
were hunting for agates.

Burro Creek in the evening. 
Mr. Z, who was cooking Jazzie's dinner.

I would do all of this again in a 🤙🏻heartbeat!  Ahh.  If only I were only 55 again.  There is NO WAY that I can drag my 81 (almost) year old arse around them thar hills, now, with any safety al all.

5.  I'm reading a book about a family that got torn apart when the mother took a lover.  And of course she accused her husband of doing it first.  I don't think that was found to be true.  Unhappily, it's non-fiction.  She tried to take the house and all the kids away from the dad.  She also got the local social "justice" bloggers involved and needless to say, they didn't do a very good job of vetting her story to make her the victim.  Sounds like a novel, doesn’t it?  How sad is that?  It took more than a village, let me tell you... The book is written by a person who was involved in the legal team.  This sort of thing is just heartbreaking.  Sometimes I think it would be better to just stick to Cozy Mysteries, haha.  Less hassle and heartbreak.

6.  I found a couple more bags of sock yarn.  I'm definitely in the S.A.B.L.E  stage of life.  Knitters would understand this. Anywho...... I pitch the emails from anything, and I mean ANYTHING that has to do with yarn or the purchasing thereof.   Sorry WEBs and KnitPicks.  See you next year.  Maybe. 

7.  My entry for the Accidental Art contest on line.  And yes, it is a THING...  I call this "Whale, in the Compost"  I'm not seriously going to enter it, but I just thought that it has a certain,  off beat "Artistic Appeal" that things headed for the compost heap sometimes have.

8.  I think I'll have a little glass of wine or maybe a VERY big scoop of Ice Cream tonight because I really do feel the need to indulge my inner piglet.


My Viking: Always watching the Sea...
When we were Young
IB Pier


Elle Age: 5, I.B. House.


Bee: Age 4 Tasting the paint.

12.  Trying to stay hale and hardy is quite the chore, but in honor of all of those wonderful people who didn't get to this age, I will live my life as a tribute, and try to be happy.  My amazing daughter, 51, my maternal grandparents, 49, and 54, and my mother., age 63. 

13.  It's not pizza night.  I may leave and have a good cry.  That book has made me sad, people who don't value their mates and then try to divide their children's Love make me sad.  I feel the need of comfort foods.  Can you tell?  Remember this...  👇

Remember this from Willy Wonka..."Candy's dandy, but Liquor's Quicker"

Thanks for reading my blog.  Much Obliged. 


  1. What a fun TT. So glad you have your eyesight back. That Viking. I have Vikings too. Love the whale compost. https://looseleafnotes.com/

    1. First: Thanks for the link.. I have the devil's own time trying to post on your blog!

      Glad that you liked my post. And thank you for being glad for me, too.
      Hubby has a Norse ancestor who sailed on a ship into New York harbor one year. I also have some Scandinavian/Germanic blood through my Saxe-Coburg and Gotha link to Queen Victoria and her prince. We ended up with three red headed kids! lol

  2. Replies
    1. Yellow is so beautiful, true! It's my favorite color to wear but I look dreadful in it. Native American blood, and my only complaint about having it. I can however, where Orange so... close!

  3. Okay, so #2, they didn't just write the pattern for flat knitting? Although, if you are continuing in pattern going from in-the-round to flat... Great job on picking that back up. My longest WIP is my seven (and a half) year cardi which I finished in 2021. I wrote many blog posts about it.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement.
      But, it's been so long that I'll have look at the pattern again; as I remember, they just said something like, "just reverse the stitches on the chart when flat knitting". I can't let this sit any longer.

  4. So glad you've got your yellows back! Right now I'm reading a lightweight romance that I probably won't remember at all a year from now, but I recently finished a hefty biography of Eisenhower and needed a break. I recommend you grab one of those cozy mysteries and use it like mental sorbet.

    1. Thank you Gal! Sorry to you and all the others that this got by my radar. It's been so hot but that is no excuse, really. It's only cool in Antarctica right now!
      I'd love to read a biography of Eisenhower. But I do love the cozy mysteries, too. LOL That's exactly what they are. Mental Sorbet. Yum!

  5. Glad your eyes are workig properly again.

    Send that photo! It's gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Syl! I'm thinking about it. lol... And, I hope you are enjoying yourself in a nice cool place. Lordy it is HOT!

  6. Yay for better eyesight! That's tremendous! So happy for you. I hope you get that sweater worked out. :-) And I think you should enter the photo!

    1. Thank you for the "Yay", and for the encouragement about the sweater. I really need to get that puppy DONE! Stay tuned....


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