"When I tell you something is dangerous, I mean it. And I never forget the Victims"
T.J. Hooker
"Everyone can master a Grief but he who has it”
William Shakespeare

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Washington Post article on Finland’s Entry into NATO. A very good thing.

Having the feeling that this news can be too easily overlooked, I’m putting it here.  

Sorry that the link didn’t work …iPads have their quirky-jerky little personalities.  

Here’s a quote from the article: 

In democracies, the political climate can always change, but I am confident that our core values and the future that all of us as individuals here in the free West are driving for [mean that] it really pays off to help Ukraine. Aiding Ukraine is not charity. It’s standing up for the European way of life, in this case, Western values and of course, it’s the [country’s] sovereignty, territorial integrity, and those are the values that we share. What would happen if we let go of Ukraine or stopped helping them? Perhaps there wouldn’t be Ukraine, but there certainly would be a very empowered Russia. And I don’t think anybody wants that”. 

 Here, below, is the link, which I hope works now.


From my iPad which I hope is up to the job..

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