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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little White Crown Sparrows Visiting..


They are passing through, and stop in our yard every year, coming and going. Or maybe this flock winters here. Anyway, it's always lovely to have them singing away and pecking the ground for little seeds. The doves were down getting seeds from the red apple, too. The red apple succulent has swollen pods that pop open and about 40 little seeds roll out. The doves and all the seed eaters seem to like them. The sparrow types that visit also eat the devil grass, as does the occasional Lawrence's Gold finch that comes around. The Goldfinch family, all three species, also eat any seeded dandelion. It's amazing how many different birds will visit a garden where only wild foods are present.
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  1. We have those little white capped sparrows around here, too! Actually, several varieties of sparrow.

  2. Hiya Fuzzarelly.. :+)

    Birds are lovely to watch and keep track of. We have a lot of sparrows in our yard but mostly English Sparrows. Close by there are Grasshopper Sparrows, Song Sparrows and these little guys who pass through in migration. We get a lot of finches and warblers through our yard as well. It's great to watch birds, and hopefully we can make a habitat for them and for butterflies, with a real Plack. An official Backyard Habitat seal.


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