"Everyone can master a Grief but he who has it”
William Shakespeare
Greed is an incredibly contagious disease 🦠 And, it’s a shame when anyone catches it.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sunday Stealing: So what do you do?

What excites you right now?  Nada

What are you looking forward to? Nada

What’s the best thing that happened to you this year? Hasn't happened yet.

Where did you grow up? Southern California

What do you do for fun?  I Obsess.  And I do this Mightily!  It. Is. So. MUCH. FUN!

Who is your favorite superhero? St. Michael
St. Michael walks all over Satan's Head.

Is there a charitable cause you support?  The Humane Society of San Diego for one....But that's only the beginning.  You can't make a better world without giving your guts out because the rich are so damn worthless in this country.

What’s the most important thing I should know about you?  I don't feel that there is a single important thing about me.  I just like to rant and I seem to be good at that, but it's over Baby, it's over......

Tell us of something that relaxes you and always makes you happy. Meditation.  
From HERE 

If you could take the train from anywhere to anywhere, where would 'anywhere' be? Santa Cruz, and the problem is that you can't take a train from HERE to THERE but nice try.  

But, It is where I want to go.  The California train system absolutely SUCKS!  I have to take two trains and a bus to get to Santa Cruz.  What the Hey is WITH that anyway?  Is this the 21st Century or isn't it?

What will you always pack in your suitcase? Underwear

What will you never pack in  your suitcase?  Expensive Jewelry BUT that's because I don't have any! 

Fun Fact:  The Bulgari Diamond Jewelry for a multi million dollar show in San Diego traveled in the belly of an Airplane in Plain luggage?  Interesting isn't it?  That name is spelled with a V but no one does that anymore.   

Want to play?  Go HERE  

And, that's all folks.   I will visit you ASAP.  Which, no matter what the Crossword setters think, is not a synonym for "STAT".. If you think it is, then you've been watching way too much Television.


  1. Obsessing...my daughter has that in common with you. I am a let it go-er and her obsessing drives me nuts at times. She turns every single little thing into a great, ginormous freaking deal. I don't get a sense of that from you. You seem to have found some peace. I wish my daughter could. Michael is a pretty cool super hero! Have a good day and week ahead.

    1. I only obsess about things I've watch going into the toilet for 60 years and little is ever done about. So, yes, I'm relatively mellow. But I have a short fuse for some things. Well, many things in America, a country of people who should have done astounding things for each other and didn't.
      Michael is my guardian. I love him to pieces.
      Hope you have a great week, Stacy.

  2. I did take the bus from San Jose to Santa Cruz a few years ago. It was cheap and had wifi and somebody else did the driving. Despite the fact that it was in the 90's and crowded, it was a really enjoyable day. We also took the train from downtown LA to Santa Monica a couple of years ago. It got us there. Yay!
    You are right, Cali could do better with the public transportation.

    1. If I lived above Los Angeles I would probably be liking it more, this public transportation we have flagged at. I took the Greyhounds all over the place when I was a kid in college, but now I'm a weather beaten old crone, I don't like sprinting to second trains or to buses or to rest rooms, for that matter. I want to ride the train ALL THE WAY though... lol Europeans are light years ahead of us because they made it a priority. War making seems to be ours. Imagine spending even $200 billion of the Military's $598 billion (54% of the total US budget) on the transportation system? Whoot!

  3. Replies
    1. Why thank you My Friend! I get mouthy from time to time. Mostly in these meme's. I'm sure it drives people away but what the Hay... I'm too old to keep my mouth shut, to be honest. Maybe I do need a nap? lol

  4. I am thinking you need a nap. :-)

    1. Hahaha! I should go watch a Hallmark feel good thinga, so I can nap.
      You are probably right. 😉 Hope you have a great week, My friend.

  5. I mentioned this somewhere before, but the Hope Diamond, owned by Evalyn Walsh McLean, for whom Walt's grandmother was maid, traveled to Florida in Walt's uncle's suitcase--'cause who would look for it in the maid's 5 year old's suitcase. We've always considered it the "family jewel" and visit it occasionally in the museum.

    1. Oh that is hilarious! The "family jewel".
      I can see why, because that big blue faceted marble is amazing. I bet the thieves would still like to get their hands on it.
      Here's to better health for at least three of us who are lagging behind the rest of the Sunday Thieves. I am trying to get strong enough to go back to the gym again.
      Cheers to all us Thieves! 🍻


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