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Monday, November 30, 2009

FIXED Link to the Little Christmas Tree of Coat Hangers....Updated

Remember this LITTLE mass of Clothes hangers?

This was so much fun to make that I'm going to make another one tonight.

I really better get knitting! gah!

HERE is the FIXED linkie to a YouTube which shows how to make this festive little table tree.

I just used tape for the hangers, and didn't put lights.  The lights, you would need the twist ties etc.

I got the foo foo garland made like holly and has little apples etc on it.  Worked for me!  The next one gets lights, as soon as I can find the ones I bought last year!

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  1. ok - I NEED directions for that ...

  2. Thanks Kara! It's the quickest cutest thing to make, if you don't put the lights on it. But the lights are easy, too.

    Ok Rho, I'll hot link the crafty lady who shows how to make it again in this post, and send you a link just in case. Alrighty? These are sweet little trees.


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