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Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Sunset....Sky Watcher Post.

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There was hardly enough light but I steadied my hand on the side of the house.  This is looking mostly West.  And the colors just got better and better.

I'm baking cookies today.  The house smells really lovely.  Off to take some off the parchment and roll out some more.  Orange Cardamom Sugar cookies, from a new recipe off the web. 

The old mixer smelled like it was going to blow up but it made it!  It was so hot on the sides that it was scary!  That lovely old Sunbeam stand mixer has seen me through bread, cakes, muffins, cookies for nearly 40 years, and I bought it used at the swap meet.  They don't make em like that anymore.   The next thing up will be something with a bread hook!  heehee.

Wolfie looks so cute in his little button on coat, and the pattern is so easy!  And the coat itself is very easy to get a squirmy little doggie into, as you just put it over the head, and button the buttons under the belly.  Wolfie loves to have his belly rubbed so the last part is easy as pie.

Here's a knitting cartoon, not a doggie coat, as it is wee Mooch who is in a hat.

Thank you Patrick McDonnell for loving animals so much.  You do a lot for them, and bless you!


  1. My local small appliance repairman (that's a dying breed, isn't it?) swears that Sunbeams have the best motors and are not hard to work on. You might want to check into a repair, unless you just have a yen for a new one.

  2. Hi ellen, Thanks for the information from your SAR. And yes, they are a dying breed but maybe the economy will reward them again. This is a changing world we now have.

    I've been thinking about opening up the case and having a look at it. The motor really bogs down now and smells terrible, I think it's done in for mixing things. But it might have a new life in some other capacity. I'm now checking Google for possibilities. :o) The old girl might still have a use.


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