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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From Ted Talks, Jamie Oliver's talk, Teach Every Child About Food.

this is too important not to pick up and run with, so here we go.....

This is long, plus 20 minutes, but very much worth seeing. Thanks go to my DD who sent this link. In our home, we were lucky. All the kids learned to cook, and I was able to stay home with them, pass on my knowledge, gotten from my own mother who grew so much of our family food, and always cooked.

Cooking is a joy, but you can't cook in the home or TEACH your children about food or cooking, when you are working two jobs, etc., just to keep the roof, the heat, all of it, you know, keeping a family together.


  1. He's a good'n.

    I did have a link to the school lunch program that has been operating in Los Angeles, and took it down. darn! Need to put up the link again. This is very important to change what's going on.


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