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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Aeonium "Cyclops" in the rain

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This succulent is as big as a round Turkey platter. It's huge.  Actually this is  an Aeonium called "Cyclops"  I was wrong about a lot of stuff in this....  LINK TO CYCLOPS here.


  1. Beautiful picture! I had one of those in a rental house when we lived in San Diego...

  2. Thanks PJ! These are so gorgeous, even the green ones. I forget what the full name is anymore.

    I baby this one along because it really does need other plants around it to support it. This year I'll get them all in one container.


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