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Monday, February 8, 2010

Wolfie the Brave..except for Rainy days...

Wolfie doesn't like rain much at all. The tiniest spit of it from the skies makes him want to come home, pronto! He likes to go on walks after a storm because he licks water off the weeds and grass. This he does with a gourmet's delight. But he does NOT like to be in falling rain.

The more we watch his funny little ways, and get to know him, the more we think he was a backyard dog, either a dog who had bad owners, or a breeders dog, used because he helped create gorgeous little fuzzy puppies. He was one of those little ones who got mistreated and then abandoned when his "people" moved away.

He "invents" his own games with things in our back yard, ignores cats like they don't exist, and doesn't play any dog games other than "chase". He doesn't go into play stance and invite you to play. He never was socialized, or taught to play with or given any toys.

He is deathly afraid of crashing sounds, buzzing noises, and any low rumbling noise he doesn't know the source of. He trembles and runs from us if he is scared by a crashing sound. He literally screams if he thinks he is going to be hurt. He doesn't try to bite, but he can really sound off!

We treat him very, very kindly because if this, meaning: no abrupt handling, and we don't yell at him. We love our little foundling fellow. Hopefully his dark days are over forever.

I just found out about a fabric dyeing group who do experimental things in fabric manipulation. So there's a new urgency to get the studio end re-organized for a different craft, or at least make it into a multi craft area.

The Horse Opera Report: I think some of the situations are a little strange, but the acting is terrifically good! I can see why this drama just took off to a world wide audience. The actress who does the villainous Sandra is absolutely superb!

Knitting.. *groans*.. That sweater is going to be driving me bonkers if one more thing goes wrong with it. I tried to watch something, some dumb video is my bet for the culprit. I've got several sections of round 1, and two sections of round 2, in the same round! The mistake is hard to find, because it must have happened two or three rows ago.

Happier knitting news is THIS link to Valentine's Day patterns from Garn Studio. I will link it at the side bar, under the picture link to Garn Spring designs. Gorgeous stuff!

It rained yesterday but there's a break in storminess for a day, the new storm arrives tomorrow. This is the time of year when the back garden looks like an English garden, with the wild birds like ornaments in the trees and bushes.

Yesterday, the Chipping Sparrows were back, so DH got a good look at them, too. These birds travel in a very small flock of about five to seven birds.

There were two, tiny Lesser Goldfinch males who had an aerial boxing match above the lime trees. The Anna's Hummingbird female sat patiently on a branch, waiting to get a turn at the citrus blossoms, and the big Warbler Faction was represented by an Audubon's male and a Wilson's female, visiting to garner aphids between storms. Gold finch are really fun to watch because they are so small they can sit on a tall dandelion  or thistle plant,and eat the seeds as the stem sways in the breeze.   I don't know where the Alan's hummer has got to.  He is usually here every day, rain or shine.

I am typing on a small netbook, so it's hard to see mistakes!  Sorry about all th typos!


  1. you have a netbook cool :D

    Wolfie is so lucky that he got you two as his new parents - :D

  2. Love the bird talk. I know how that feels (Netbook) I felt like writing a post just like yours...what's on your mind. I like that.

  3. I am so glad that Wolfie found you! There should be a special place in hell for those who abuse animals.

    My new stray is turning out to be a real sweetheart, ugly, but sweet.

  4. Hi Fuzzarelly!

    You know, Sweet is Beautiful in it's own way. Glad your doggy found you.

    And yes, I feel that way about all abusers. There is a special place in hell for them.

    We feel so lucky to have found this little dog. He's a joy to have in our lives.

  5. PJ, thanks, I joined the Small is Beautiful thing. I'm not sure it can be characterized as any sort of movement or challenge, but it's been sort of liberating; I'm still careful about hugely controversial topics.. we all know what those are. Glad you liked the bird talk. They are so interesting to watch.

    Rho, hiya! And,yes, it's like a tiny laptop. Everything smooshed together, and you have to have some good glasses to see the black keyboard. gah! And Wolfie is such a cute fellow. He vocalizes like a wolf. canyoubelieveit??!! It's so cute when he does that.


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