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Monday, February 8, 2010

Cats I wish I had...

Once upon a time I had a cat who looked like Maru, without the white bib.  His name was Spider Louie.  He was a terrific and playful cat, completely adorable.  I named him Spider because of the pattern on his sides that reminded me of a Garden Spider's spiral patterning.  I still miss that cute cat.


  1. I love that video thanks it made me laugh out loud - and then cough a whole bunch lol

  2. Now now, you be careful. You want to keep your innards!

    I am searching for a picture of Spider Louie to post. Maru and he must have playful genes related to their coat pattern!

  3. I do love a mackerel tabby. Such pretty markings.

  4. Hi ellen :o) I like them very much, too, and each one of them has been differently patterned, with Spider being the most different of all. I never knew their right name, just called them black tabbies. Ther are Silvers, too, I think. Not sure about that, though.

    Thanks to you the web revealed many sites with cats of this coat pattern. I have to post Louie's pic when I find it. He was so different than either Kato or Milo. I love furry little dogs, but cats are so cool, too.

  5. Thank you so much for this video! It has been the hit of the long weekend around here. Even driving in the car today on the way back from the grocery store - "Let's watch that cat movie!" Mama, Papa, and Toddler Luann all thank you for the belly laughs.

  6. I'm glad that you all enjoyed it and it came in handy during that BIG SNOW you had. Monster snow.


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