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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not with a shout but with a whimper..

"Last week, after nine months, the Senate finally approved Martha Johnson to head the General Services Administration, which runs government buildings and purchases supplies. It’s an essentially nonpolitical position, and nobody questioned Ms. Johnson’s qualifications: she was approved by a vote of 94 to 2. But Senator Christopher Bond, Republican of Missouri, had put a “hold” on her appointment to pressure the government into approving a building project in Kansas City.
This dubious achievement may have inspired Senator Richard Shelby, Republican of Alabama. In any case, Mr. Shelby has now placed a hold on all outstanding Obama administration nominations — about 70 high-level government positions — until his state gets a tanker contract and a counterterrorism center."

And so, will our Country finally die, "in Committee", like so many of it's proposed "General Welfare" bits of legislation?

Want to read the whole of this op ed?  HERE 'TIS  ..  From Paul Krugman, who will receive a "Zippknits  Journalist's Combat Medal" for his pain and suffering while reporting on Greed and Stupidity in America the Beautiful.

An next up, something for the kitchen.. 

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