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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Milagro Beanfield War"

Friday, February 26, 2010

Well, I may as well gripe..

Let me introduce you to the characters in the first episode of a personal soap opera, or maybe it's better called a Mystery Mini Series?
The plot with characters in place:

Body Eclectic has either been kidnapped by an army of microbes that killed off  The Domestics or perhaps The "Not so Auto" Immune System.  Anyway, it is believed that Left Arm has gone south for fear of the approaching Spring, taking with it Left Hand which does most of the work.  Maybe it ran away to join The Martians? 

Ah, enter Spring, that season which can get hotter than Dread Summer, and is much feared by  Mind, a character that believes it actually runs- rather badly if you ask me- the Greek Chorus called Auto Immune System.  In fact, Auto Immune System is so out of sync with Mind and the rest of Body Eclectic that it sometimes goes out the door before Body E. does.  Of course this means that no knitting, no cake making, or bread making nor any two handed enterprise (Typing? Camera work?) can be attempted before this Battle of the Body Parts is resolved. 

We are, after all, merely very intricately put together reef communities in a sac.  Admit it, you know, deep down in your soul, that you really are just an Atoll.  


  1. Liv-er is the culprit, hiding in the background pulling all the strings. If liv-er slacks off all the other chars go limp, some injuring themselves in the fall. Mind will have to recruit some of the other chars to make an attempt to get liv-er back to work again. I suggest left arm and right arm rather than AutoImmune since they can will themselves to work whereas Auto cannot. Good Luck

  2. Aha! Right Hand, you are on to something there! And thanks for the good luck wishes.

    That naughty and ungrateful lump of specialized cells! I will have liv-er checked up on (a background check?) this week under normal maintenance procedures.

    lmao here.. good... very,very good..;o)


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