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Monday, February 22, 2010

Beware the Rest Cure...

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Sarah-Hope Warned me. mwuhahahahaha! I just couldn't resist buying this, for my insomnia


  1. wonderful book (and it was made into a PBS Masterpiece theater production too.. (over 25 years ago.. at least!)

    i don't know if the PBS store has it.. but if you are member of your local PBS station.. they might have it the library.(and you could borrow it, to watch!)

  2. Hi Helen. :o)

    Yes, I remember that, too, and thanks.... PBS broadcast it here, too. Imagine, culture in the "Arms Capital of the Western World".

    I remembered it seeing it when I read the book - the heroine creeping along the walls, scratching away at the yellow wallpaper. I sure can relate to that sometimes.

    We went through the tapes awhile back and found we still have two great PBS productions of Wilkie Collins' novels, "The Woman in White", and "The Moonstone", very spooky and delicious. I love them!

  3. Ooh, the Moonstone? I've only read it.
    "The Yellow Wallpaper" was in a book called "Thirteen Greatest Ghost Stories," which I think is still in print. My copy is missing at least the cover, if not some intro pages.
    What other stories are in your book?

  4. Hi K. :o) The Moonstone from PBS is so good! Love that one.

    In this yellow book are six other short stories, and I've read two of them so far, both not scary but with neat little twists.

    They are:

    1. Three Thanksgivings
    2. The Cottagette
    3. Turned
    4. Making a Change
    5. If I Were A Man
    6.Mr. Peebles' Heart


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