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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why I love winter time in Cali

I love the amazing green that blankets the ground everywhere.

These aren't weeds; two of them are edible for humans, and the birds eat the flower heads on the small white flowering plant just under the mallow.   I eat baby thistle and dandelions from the back yard in my ramen noodles.  I really need to grow wild onion and find miner's lettuce seeds to plant..  There used to be miner's lettuce  growing wild here when we bought the house, but years of drought really did in a lot of wild winter greens.
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  1. I really like this. Sounds good, too!

  2. Hi there! :o) Oh, yes, it is good to do, as long as you know that the plants haven't been sprayed. Many people eat wild greens, especially in the mountains and the South.

    My Aunties in Ohio started me off eating wild greens, as there was a stream that passed through the grandparent's farm, and many plants grew along it, water cress, wild celery, and wild onions, dandelions, to name a few. They showed me what to look for, and when. We got nuts, berries, and wild fruit, too. I think Grandma must have taught them because she was raised in the hills of Virginia. It was a good life, hard but good.


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