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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chandra and the black hole in Sagittarius

I've been looking for something to explain the disappearance of my knitting mojo, and I found THIS: a black hole that eats things in the universe, mostly energy, but it is a poor eater.

However, my bet is that if the scientists at Harvard who work with Chandra, could see the stream of knitting bits that fly up at night toward the moon and get caught in the Hole's influence, it might explain why this particular Black Hole seems to eat so little energy.

Due to the yet unknown characteristics of the recently discovered "yarn theory" - closely related to "sting theory"- socks and other disappearing garments made from yarn rather than string, we are talking here about UFOs for instance, all of these missing objects now can be attributed to the Sagittarian Black Hole eating them, rather than the energy which it should be ingesting from surrounding stars.

In this way,we have two problems neatly solved:
The first is, why does the Sagittarian black hole eats so little energy?
And, secondly, the un-academic but ever interesting "lost sock" Mystery, with UFO's and lost knitting mojo thrown in as a neat little side equation.


  1. ... and I grew up believing it was the washing machine :O All these years believing a lie :( Could the Sagittarian black hole be sucking things out thru all the washing machines?

  2. No no, the washing machine is just a scape goat in all this, a machine which was ostensibly created by males to sell to females as a labor saving device. It really was created to cover their carelessness in leaving one sock behind in various places - the gym, the locker room, a friend's house after a sleep over- from a young age. The great and noble washing machine is innocent!


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