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Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Mother's Recipe Book

Sometimes I thumb through this book to find favorites from my childhood. Mother notes that she made "See's Candy Fudge" first in 1952 at the approximate cost of $1.64, and the recipe made around 5 pounds. By 1972, when she made another note, the cost had risen to $2.78, and by December of 1980, when she made a new note, the cost was $4.58.

Mother loved to make cakes, but time and energy ran out on her. I remember that she made "box cakes" after my little sister was born, except for one Red Velvet Cake for my birthday when I was, maybe, 15.

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When the DDs were here in January, we went to a neighbor's garage sale. I bought a couple of book cases so that there would be more room for cook books. My collection is so SMALL! It hardly fills two shelves of that tall bookcase. Is it time to by more books? I get them used so as to have less "marital discord" over all my books.


  1. I love old cookbooks, esp if they have comments/notes in them. I always write in mine! I have an old "reciept" book of my aunts. My dad bought me a "My Recipes" book similar to your moms (has a pig on the cover) that I still write in. When we redid the kitchen I purged the cookbooks down to two shelves, only keeping my faves. My mom has about 400, so I know I can get more if I feel the need...

  2. I am soooo jealous. lol. 400 cook books! Your mother certainly is a library source for you, indeed.

    Well, I can aspire to that, yes? There are three shelves, partially filled, which I'll share tomorrow.

    My mother collected recipes from everywhere, and I also have her box, where the Easter egg shaped candy recipe is. I was hoping this year to get to those. Maybe....

  3. I think my eldest brother has most of mom's receipts. He particularly liked her chess pie.

    She never really taught me to cook, her third child, but I hung around the kitchen and am pleased to say that my skillet cornbread would make her proud.

  4. I'm envious. Mom's cookbook that was my first recipe source got lost at some point and I long to see it again.

    Luckily a lot of the "family" recipes were from the sides of boxes, so I can find them now with a little persistence.

  5. I'm sure that if you can make a good skillet cornbread, you can cook a heck of a lot of good food! Have you seen this very good recipe for Irish soda bread? It's here,


    I want to try this as I have two dutch ovens,one I bought at a swap meet, and another we bought for Campfire cookery that has a rim around the lid for piling on coals.

    I friend of ours, a guy, loves to bake, and makes lots of Chess Pies when we get together for rock hound roundups. Those pies are delicious! It was his mother's recipe that he uses.

  6. Oh Ellen, I'm sorry that happened. Lol about family recipes being on the sides of boxes. Many that are now on the web are from the sides of very old boxes.

    Hershey's recipes were collected by a group of preservationists who remember them from the sides of that very famous dark brown funny shaped little box. These same people made a collection of old recipes from soup cans and boxes in the 80's or 90's. I have the Hershey one if you want some of those.


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