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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adding this for Plate Tectonic Buffs

Another page but from the University of Reno Seismic lab.  The most interesting part to most locals is quite a way down the page,  a topo of Nevada and the Bay area that is very interesting.   Pogonip, this will be very, VERY interesting to you, me thinks.

Many thanks go to the DH for fishing up this beauty.

For the past two days I've been trying to help DH eat up a cheese cake from Costco.  We finally took it to my sister's house and had some help!  Those things are way, way too big for anything less than a 6 couple dinner party.

Still no knitting, but late last night I watched a french movie called, "I've Loved You So Long", and can't help thinking, "Why don't we make movies like this one?!"   The only studio with the guts to produce this sort of movie is Sundance, that I know of.

My brother is on his way home and we had a great visit, laughing a lot and going to see a few things.  I think it cheered my sister up a little.  There's a lily show at the botanical garden that's on display until the 22nd of this month.  If you are a local or even not so local, be sure to hop on down there to have a look in.   Check out the info HERE.   That site has a lot of other interesting Balboa park attractions as well.  Feel free to have a peek.

Also the report on blooming trees has been extended to include the Ornamental plums and Tulip trees.  They are blooming all over the county and you don't have to stand in any lines to see them, either.

EDIT, Here's a HOT LINK to the page that Pogonip sent in a comment:



  1. On this page:
    there is a link for an animated sequence of the "earthquake swarm" that we had two years ago. Also done by the UNR seismology folks. It sure explains graphically why I was feeling jumpy for several months.

  2. Oh my, I remember how jumpy you were! Thanks for the link which I will put with the rest so I can watch it, too.

    The intensity of earthquakes has risen in the past 20 years according to a study which I can't find again!

    We did have a small result of the one here on Easter Sunday. The epoxy in the joint of the granite snapped loose. Now the joint moves. We have to epoxy it again. And a nail popped in the one cupboard. Not bad for such a bad shaking.

  3. Oh I love the link to the 'moving Earth' I think in my next life I'll be a scientist with SOMETHING regarding our earth!!! Late coming back to your blog, but look forward to catching up ;) Thanks for ALL the comments you have left me!

  4. I so love your blog, and am glad that you keep posting! It's been interesting to read your stories about just everything under the sun, and to watch the kids grow up.

    Many blogs have now fallen by the wayside, which is sad. I use bloglines to keep track, but I guess twitter has a feature that messages when a blog updates, and Blogger or whatever sends these out to a person's Twitter. I don't do twitter, it would make me completely nutz!

    And you're welcome for the comments and thanks for yours here! :o)


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