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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mrs Q

A  while back, I had a side bar link to  a school lunch project but,alas, in one of my house cleaning frenzies, ended up deleting it. 

THIS link goes to a blog that a school teacher has created in order to reveal what kids are eating  every day at her school.  For today's date, there is a question and answer post with an actual "Lunch Lady" answering questions sent to Mrs. Q via email.  Very interesting blog!

Mrs. Q  is  working under cover so that she does not lose her job.  That's what this high stakes food fight has come down to.  You would think a food mafia has their thumbs in a lot of pies sometimes wouldn't you, as suppliers to innocuous programs that are now so huge as to be worth a  lot of money to someone?

Edit:  I will try to find the original blog and link both of them in the side bar.


  1. It is amazing what they pass off in the schools as healthy food.
    Thanks for the comment - here's to you getting your knitting mojo back :-)

  2. You're welcome, and you have a marvelous blog, a pleasure to read.

    About the food in lunches. Some of the food in our lunch programs comes from big agro business corporations in Central America, and probably South, who employ children 15 to 18, under terrible conditions, things they wouldn't get away with here. And our own government buys their broccoli, et all.

    The whole thing is very sad and disgusting, from it's processing to our unfortunate childrens' little mouths. Another one of those iniquities hardly getting space in the News Noise.


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