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Monday, April 5, 2010

It's still shaking around out here

I just felt another little aftershock a little while ago.  The geologists are saying that there was a lot of earth movement out in the desert East of here, a new rift.  I can believe that, with the set of four EQ's yesterday so close that they made it shake so long that we thought, at the time, if it kept getting worse,  this might be "it". 

The little dog was up all night worrying about the aftershocks.  So, poor little fellow, he kept me awake almost all night, too.  He still gets up and whines when another little aftershock runs through here.  The house moves a little and makes creaking sounds.  Also, anything dangling on the wall, like the necklaces, moves in small arcs, and the potted plants outside sway. 

I've always thought that Wolfie went through something traumatic, a car crash or something collapsing on him and maybe breaking that little sticky-outy rib.  With his reaction to the long shaking yesterday, his reaction was to become seriously frightened.  I'm thinking back to the last big one , the February of 2008 earthquake in Mexico.  We are so close to the border, he could have been in Mexico when that one struck, since he was never licensed, neutered, or micro chipped.  That's pretty unusual for San Diego.  He's terrified of crashing sounds, like of metal or breaking glass, hates fireworks, and he's definitely frightened of earthquakes that make the house shake and make lots of noises.

Our daughter called when she got off work to check on us.  She remembered the earthquake that sounded like a freight train rolling toward the house.  That was the last biggish one on Rose Canyon fault, 17 miles deep and off shore.  You learn to live with, and hope for, the littler ones.  They could take stress off the system. 

I've been reading the blog for the Geology department at San Diego State but they haven't updated it.  But it's very interesting for the archives of articles about local quakes.  Check it out. 



  1. Yikes - glad things are still standing.

  2. Thanks magnusmog. It was really, shall I say,exciting and terrifying to watch the books above my head dance around on the shelf for a full minute this time. All the stars on the tree on that shelf were dancing, too. It was tripy. lol but scary, too!


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