~~ "It's All Life, until it's Over" ~~
Kilgore Trout

~~ " In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?”" ~~
Saint Augustine

~~ “Nobody would do anything if they knew what they were in for.” ~~
"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

~~ "May you Walk with Beauty All Around You" ~~
Navajo Blessing

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Small is Beautiful

I came across this quote from Samuel Butler's, "The Way of All Flesh":

"All animals, except man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it."

This quotation was in the header above the listing of Project Gutenberg page containing download information for Martin Luther's "Treatise on Good Work"

Very telling, indeed, because Martin Luther was a guy who took things very, very seriously!

Religious differences started a lot of wars, or were used as an excuse for them rather, and this was so even in Martin Luther's time. Maybe the time has come to take Samuel Butler's words more seriously, in a happy sort of way, to heart, then, that's the phrase I'm searching for. To Heart.

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