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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rain today, then Sun and a little Heat

I'm still not truly good at making collages.  I need a tripod that springs out of the ends of my fingers!  Or, maybe I can have a telescoping tripod installed in my knee while they are replacing other parts?  Would that be cool or what?

While out looking at clouds I chanced to look beneath my feet and there was this beautiful thing.  It fit into the general "theme".  Another wonder from Mother Earth.

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Another version of blue and white, the clouds over water.  The little people arranged the stalks and seed head.  I didn't do that.  They like to surprise Human Beings sometimes with skills that are beyond our ken.

Organization report:

I've made a little more progress in the sewing room (actually it is a studio but it sounds like a brag now that I don't sew like in days of Yore) and recycled a couple more big pieces of fabric.  Doll patterns made my heart catch.  I can't seem to let them go just yet.  I want to see the wall decor again, though!  Is it really true that one should not pile rubbermaid containers any higher than five high?  We are talking the big honkers, not the petite ones, my friends.

Oh joy, the new smaller me can wear some of the jeans that were awaiting execution as bits and pieces of quilts or tote bags for friends and family. 

 Sister's day:

Yesterday my sister came over to spend the afternoon, and though we didn't go to the greenware store, which was the plan, we did watch  "Hoarders".   She can't get it on her many channels.   My sister is a neat freak, and I'm sure she would, if she could, be one of those organizers like the ones on the program.  I don't think she could handle the smells and the crawly things but she might surprise me. 

We don't watch television but adore The Netflix, just as long as it doesn't do anything else REALLY STUPID, that is.  I am sure this is the best of all possible worlds, TV shows without the blinking commercials!  DH made us some of his famous sandwiches for supper.  Lovely! 



  1. you can make a 'steadier' for your camera--almost as good a tripod.

    head to hardware store and get short screw the size of the one used in a tripod (bring you camera, and try out a few--the tripod screw is actually a 'standard' size so its not too hard to find.

    tie a length of string (bakery twine or even heavier kitchen twine (the kind you'd truss a turkey with--or what ever you have around the house. (about 5 feet of string)

    At the bottom of the string, tie on a big flat washer (or if you have one a medium size lead weight as might be found on drapes--sewing stores still sell these--about the size of a US Quarter,but 4 times heavier!)

    Now screw in the screw, drop the string, and for good measure, stand on the weigth (fine tune the length if desired) This will help steady the camera, and keep it at the same height as you pivot--and the whole thing fits in a pocket, and cost under $5 buck's (that's if you have to spring $3 for the drapier weight--half that if you go with a big washer--and its almost nothing if you have some washers at home somewhere from some other project!

    (i have a tripod for home--but i never bring it with me anywhere!)

  2. I know what you mean about the Rubbermaid containers...they are also not meant to be filled with magazines/books.. hehehe

  3. Helen that is brilliant! Thank you. And, no, I never have the tripod with me since it's big and heavy and hard to handle. There is a monopod that people hike around with. One of the kids has one. I like your idea better. It's much cheaper, and it goes into a pocket!

    Kara, No books or magazines in those Rubbermaids, just fabric. I have to start sewing and throwing(re-cycling).

  4. You know, I was throwing things out for a while. Then I realized that I really really needed something that I had thrown out a week or so before. I gave up.

  5. k, don't you really hate that when it happens?

    I,too, have given up in the SR. I'm to the bone on what I can toss or re-cycle in there, Once I get into the stuff in the big room I'm done.

    Off to knit a heel ... yippie!


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