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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Sunday, September 18, 2011

That nice Apricot Yarn for the Sweater for L. and Organizing the SR, part II

When this yarn came in the US Mail, my eyes gave me a shock. The eyes were saying, (screaming?) "It's pink!" This is the yarn for THIS sweater from Knitty. It's not quite as sparkly but at least it won't make her sneeze and be itchy all over.

It's a lovely Apricot, snuggled up to some REAL pinks.

I unearthed my cutting table yesterday...  The last time it was used was for making a spiky bow at Valentine's day.  I'd been piling stuff on and piling it on since then.  Yes, I am happier now that the secret is out.  I had no trouble tossing things, let me tell you.  Fabric almost never gets tossed but I let go of some polyester blend scraps yesterday.

Half way there!

Today, being Sunday, I just slunk around in my PJs until it seemed like I should get dressed. I mean, what if an ambulance crew were to see me in my PJs after I'd taken a header over something on the floor in the SR? So I did the decent thing and got dressed.

Hoarders. Don't you think the people who let other people into their houses are brave? I am not that far gone believe me. We keep a nice house, but there are those pockets of resistance to modern mores, the end of the great room, the big part of the SR, the garage.

There is a wood shop and a big kiln and pouring area in that sorry place, after all. The only thing I do hoard is old blue jeans. You cannot, and I challenge anyone to do this, find old denim in any quantities without paying BIG MONEY for it. So I hoard them.

Currently, I'm reading something that gives me the shivers. It's called Farfarers, by Farley Mowat. Thank you, to Karen, who got me started back on Farley's books.  This book is about Scotland, Ireland, and the dang blasted Vikings, who you do NOT want to show up at your door, even if they are carrying an oxygen bottle that you desperately need to take puffs from.

To me, Vikings explain the Law of Karma better than any other sub group of the Human Family - well, them and "The Hordes" who ran with Genghis Khan. You know?

Have fun knitting. And crafting, and any other little messes you can make. Crafters are just messy people. What can we say? We can say this, like a mantra. "Better a Creative Mess than Idle Tidiness". That used to be on the wall at the Lapidary Shop. heehee

Yes, the big computer is back on line.  Hail to the Mighty Dr. DH!

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