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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Answers to comments

Blogger doesn't play will with Word pad.  I have to clean this all up, therefore.  That is for after when my brain is cooled down a bit.  Why would anyone need a / in a br tag?  Boggles the mind.  br's don't need closing tabs!

"Yay! I'm so glad it went well! Good luck with the rest and recovery. Little Luann and I are sending lots of love.  TGL"

Thank you so much, and thank you to Little Luann, too!  Every day is like a leap ahead across the stones in a frog pond.  Not all fun, and maybe a little dangerous , but everyday we grow I O.  YippieYay!!     :+)  The kid in me is well pleased to think that there will be another chance at dancing in  the kitchen.  Wii!

"So glad it went well! I hope it heals quickly, too.  k"

To k:
  Thank you k.  My surgeon has the reputation of being somewhat of a genius of knee replacement.  His good work is roaring along to the finish line practically  hourly.  This is totally amazing DH an myself.   But, back to the leg.  It has gone all red, orange, yellow and purple, that formerly cranky leg, and with many colorful blisters, but in the end the knee will work well with it's sister limb.  So, then,  what's a little extra color in a life that's lived for it, eh?  ;-)  Ah, the colors of life make their appearance in frightful places!  Pond scum comes to mind when I look at that leg.

"Wonderful! Wonderful to hear you are on the mend. I get hallucinations from anethesia--Percocet? I just slept. (and how wonderful that yours were fun and enjoyable--i have a dark spirit, and mine are always scary!) Keep knitting--but keep mobile too! and feel better every day."

OfTroy, thank you,  I've been out and about the house with my walker, and I'm just getting my brain back enough to attempt to knit a Bactus scarf.  But where is that yarn I picked out?  :p  It's hiding from me! 
Oh yes, good old Percocet, in huge dosages, no doubt.  That can make for obsessive dark dreams, and did for me, too, but I just slept 2 hours in 48, so, not much time for dreaming but awake was rather nice. ;)  (@)^(@)
In the OR, RR and in the ward, they load you up with all sorts of anti nausea meds, so that the pain killer doesn't make you ruin thier best efforts.  Can't say I blame them, and happily thedrugs work well.  Sometimes I wonder if it's an extract or synthetic version of weed,.  But of course, I didn't like to ask that question though it has to be said, "Inquiring minds wish to know"! hehe

"I am so glad it all worked out so well. I kept you in my thoughts at #1 that entire day!  karatheredhead "

Kara, :-)  Thank you!   When I did manage to sleep, my dreams were all involving great dragons, and being chased through thickets where bones were being dug up.  Go figure!  After that a frieze of objects from the dungeoens lined the edges of my hopital table.  They were tiny and gorgeously detailed.  Isn't that cool?  I loved those.

"Good to hear from you, my friend. Your spelling isn't too bad, you just need another "L" in your hallucinations. :)  Suzi"

Lol!  Thank you Suzi, for all the missives of love and good will, and Peace messages.  They worked to get me down out of my tree over this multi colored leg. lol  And, I have resisted the temptation to change spellings, though DH may have done more  than just erase two whole posts.  He's a good Egg, and he's a very good Nurse.    I have no complaints, though if I even think of doing this again, I will seek psychatric eval. lol

Again, I want to thank you all very much.  I'm very grateful for your good thoughts and wishes.  It's working! 
As soon as these cuffs are off, I'm going on a yarn wramble to find that bactus yarn.  Rho told me to get it all together BEFORE hand, but I forgot to leave a trail of crumbs.


  1. here is a trick to make any work processor text work better.

    when you copy and go to paste into blogger, go to the edit html tab and paste there.

    you will just get text--no spaces, no bold, no other "control/formating" code. (that are a pain to deal with!)

    then go to compose, and add all the stuff (bold, italics, different fonts, color, etc.) that you want.

  2. That's brilliant, Helen; thank you!

    And believe me, it's going in the notebook for dire times of major Code wrangling -- and for when when my brain becomes locked upright and fully functional.


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